Hello, I’m Sherri. Many of you have watched my family grow over the years and I am happy to say I’m thrilled with the people they’ve become. We all pride ourselves on being unique, but that’s why we live in Portland Oregon. “The baby” loves Motocross racing and joined the Thursday Night Moto Cross at PIR. “The Shhh” kid loves mattresses. He prides himself on knowing all that is going on in the mattress industry, and has earned a position as a buyer for Mattress World Northwest. My youngest daughter (who has appeared in random commercials) is in A-choir, someone I am extremely proud of. Her inner strength is incredible and I admire her for that (don’t tell her that she is 17 and stubborn but I like her that way). As for me…. I am little quirky to say the least. I’m not afraid to be seen in public in my pajamas for starters. But I sell sleep, so why not? As for the personal question that gets asked all the time… No, Sean is not my husband. We met via the Furniture/Mattress industry over 20 years ago and have been friends ever since. I do have someone special in my life (he has helped me through it all), and that is how I have 4 daughters, a granddaughter, and a wonderful sister-in-law that keeps us all laughing. Our family is uniquely ours, and it is perfect for us.


Coming to work every day is like hanging out with my family in every sense of the word. I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life to be a part of so many families. I have watched the Kids that used to stumble around the store now work here, or have graduated from college, married, had children of their own and/or that just hang out here, and as well as all the incredible things that happen in any family we also have had some struggles for some favorite people battled cancer (most with success) and of other things that come with time.

Mattress World Northwest is a culture of “special people” that have become a family and we welcome others to join. I guess the easy way to explain this is with an example. One of our mattress manufacturers paid a market analysis guy to do a survey in our market. One of his questions to me was “What do you think of when you think of Mattress World?” I thought it over and then sent a text to everyone in the company that said “give me four words that describe Mattress World”. When they came back all but one started with the word family and the rest of the list varied slightly with loyalty, respect and honor. The one that did not start with family said “I did not think you had to put that, we already know that.” We argue tease fight and play games but at the end of the day we simply want to be the best, not say we are, but be the best.

It was my dream since the 6th grade to one day have a place where people wanted to work and that others wanted to do business. So, I guess I can say my dream comes true every day.
The mattress industry as a whole is fun and truly everyone knows it’s about relationships. That is what I love the most about it. I just want to have a place where people want to be, whether it’s for business, pleasure, or a break in the day. At the end of our day, we want you to get a great nights sleep, and that’s hard to do if you’re having nightmares about spending too much. We love providing you with a great nights sleep and want you to love your bed. Although we pride ourselves on our service and products, I would have to say, we value what you have done for us even more. Your hugs, cookies, cake, barbequed ribs, breakfast, pies, friendships, and life stories makes our day what it is supposed to be about… relationships.

I would never be able to explain to anyone how much you (this community), my Mattress World Northwest family, and my own family have done for me. I may have a long road ahead, but I know the ride will be a incredible.