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Since 1894, the designers behind Englander mattresses have been mastering the science of a good night’s sleep. Originally founded by New York resident Max Englander, this unique bedding company has made huge innovations in the comfort, support and durability of its innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses. In addition to motion-absorbing gel memory foam, Englander offers eco-friendly, soy-based visco and/or natural latex that allows for better blood circulation and enables a deep, restorative sleep.

Our partnership with Englander saves you money

Their trailblazing mattress designs are engineered for bodies of all shapes and sizes, and boasts individual fabric-encased top coils for optimum body-embracing support. No matter which Englander mattress you select you can expect value.

Mattress World Northwest has developed a special partnership with Englander bedding products, spawning the creation of a line of mattresses that has proven to hold great value that you will only find in our Mattress World Northwest location in Portland, Oregon.

Since Englander manufacturers these exclusive lines right here in Tualatin, we’re able to pass on tremendous savings to our customers. The Hathaway line assures a luxurious sleeping experience with hypoallergenic layers of natural latex, which helps you sleep cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter.

Special deals on Englander Mattresses

We carry such an amazing line of quality Englander bedding. Featuring fine fabrics, wrapped or standard coils, and your choice of viscopedic memory foam or e-gel memory foam, these expert-recommended bedding sets are an exceptional value. We hope you’ll come in for a comfort test at one of our eleven Oregon locations soon!

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