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The Englander Lakeside Mattress is eco-friendly, comfortable to the touch and great for back support. This makes this bed ideal for anyone who wants deep, rejuvenating sleep every night.

The mattress is made of 100% natural latex, which is designed to improve blood circulation from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Rest your head on your pillow and you will feel the 3 ½ inches of Lux Quilting and the Memory Foam and Latex combination, which will envelop your body and keep you right where you are, even if you tend to move around a lot while sleeping.

If you have back problems, you will love the 3 inches of High Performance Foam and Latex Lumbar support. This keeps your spine in perfect alignment, helping your body rest, recharge and regenerate night after night. Try out the Englander Latex Lakeside mattress today at Mattress World Northwest!

Starting at: $1798

Mattress Height

  • Approximately 10 1/2"

Mattress Construction

  • Latex

Quilt Panel

  • Fiber
  • 1/2" Lux-Quilt
  • 3/4" Foam

Comfort Layer

  • 2" of 75 ILD Latex
  • 2" Super Soft Foam

Support Layer

  • Latex Lumbar Support
  • 1" Supersoft Latex
  • 4" Base Support Foam

Choice of Foundation

  • Englander Wire Foundation
  • Rize Contemporary Adjustable Base

Built in USA

Feels like it was made just for me.

- Alyssa S., Portland, OR

I like that this bed is made of natural materials. But it’s not stiff or scratchy like you’d think. It’s comfy and feels like it was made just for me.

No more sore back in the morning.

- Kevin S., Beaverton, OR

The back support is what sold me on this bed. No more sore back in the morning, which is well worth the price to me.