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Waterfront Plush

Englander’s line of fine latex mattresses enable better sleep with resilient, body-conforming foam latex that provides orthopedic support, reduces pressure points, and reduces motion transfer. This line was named for the St. Regis Aspen Luxury Resort Hotel in Colorado. The St. Regis model represents the very top of the line, followed by the Waterfront Plush, Mountain View Luxury Firm and Lakeside models. They all share a deep 14.5-inch profile, fiber quilt paneling, and additional layers of latex lumbar support. All models all manufactured in the United States and may be paired with your choice of the Englander wire foundation or Rize Contemporary adjustable foundation.

Unique features of the Englander Waterfront Plush include:

  • Additional Hyper-Soft Foam cushioning and half an inch of Lux Quilt on the uppermost layer, which aids in temperature regulation and comfort
  • Two inches of Ultra-Soft Latex and two inches of Super-Soft Latex in the Comfort Layer that provide the second-highest level of cushioning, next to the St. Regis model
  • Six inches of 75 Impression Load Index Latex medium-firm support and 1.5 inches of High Density Foam that provides the ultimate support, particularly for people who suffer with back pain.

If you’re looking for a luxurious mattress you can sink down into for a restorative night’s sleep, give the Englander Waterfront Plush a try!

Starting at: $2898

Mattress Height

  • Approximately 14 1/2"

Mattress Construction

  • Latex

Built in USA

Quilt Panel

  • Fiber
  • Hypersoft Foam
  • 1/2" Lux-Quilt

Comfort Layer

  • 2" Ultra Soft Latex
  • 2" Super Soft Foam

Support Layer

  • Latex Lumbar Support
  • 6" of 75 ILD Latex
  • 1 1/2" High Density Foam

Choice of Foundation

  • Englander Wire Foundation
  • Rize Contemporary Adjustable Base

Worth every penny!

- Stephen G., Clackamas, OR

I don’t normally write reviews, but just wanted to say – this mattress is the best! Worth every penny! Way better than the Serta I’m replacing! I now have no more back pain from driving all day at work and really look forward to climbing into bed every night. Thanks!

The softness was perfect for me.

- Teresa L., Portland, OR

I tried Tempurpedic and Sleep Numbers before deciding on this Englander. My sister has had an Englander bed for six years and says it feels the same as the day she bought it, so I came to Mattress World Northwest to try it out. The softness was perfect for me. Admittedly, I had a little sticker shock at first, but I financed it and I’m so glad I did.