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Memory Foam Plus Series 1.5

Most people remember the first time they lay down on a Memory Foam Series 1.5 Mattress. The way the foam provides firm pressure against your back while conforming to your entire body. This is what better quality sleep is all about.

The secret lies in the Engineered Gel Support layer, which is comprised of over 700 foam cushions that each respond independently to your body’s individual shape and movement for one-of-a-kind support. Then there is the AirCool Max Memory Foam, which moves heat away from your body using the conductive micro-diamond technology you will have to feel to believe. The result is that you maintain your ideal sleep temperature, which means you will never get too cold or too hot during the night.

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Starting at: $1198

Comfort Layer

  • 1.5” AirCool® Memory Foam

Support Layers

  • 2" Engineered Gel Support Layer
  • 7” Recharge® Support Layer

10 years Limited Warranty

Mattress Profile

  • 10.5” Profile

Choice of Foundation

  • Triton® Foundation
  • Renew® Adjustable Foundation Compatible

Built in USA

Great mattress!

- Sven K., Aurora, OR

I can’t believe what a difference memory foam makes on my back. You get in the bed and you don’t want to move. You just want to lay there and sleep. That’s the way a bed should be in my opinion. Great mattress!

So comfortable I can’t believe it.

- Jayan C., Portland, OR

My parents asked me what I wanted for my graduation present and I told them I wanted a top of the line mattress. This is the one they bought me and oh man, it’s so comfortable I can’t believe it. If I had known how soft the bed was, I would have urged them to buy it for me years ago.