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King Koil Mattresses

King Koil Mattresses

King Koil believes that "sleep is time that should be well-spent." The brand genuinely promises more than just a superior quality mattress that provides benefits you can feel all day through a life well-lived. They say wellness begins at King Koil where "well-being is always well-made."

Since 1898, King Koil has artfully hand-crafted the world’s finest materials such as cotton and latex into mattresses that have revolutionized sleep as we know it. King Koil mattresses are designed and built in the USA using combinations of ingredients like cashmere, Joma wool, Tencel fiber, natural latex, and graphite memory foam. Each mattress design will undergo testing beyond the industry standard for durability. Not only known for their enduring mattress quality but have also been positively recognized in the tech world for the SmartCell adaptive air support system using iO Bed technology.

“At King Koil, we craft a place to think and dream, to relax and recharge—a foundation of support for so many other things in life from a family’s love to personal repose.”

King Koil delivers luxurious and durable mattresses to over ninety countries across six continents worldwide. Impeccably crafted, King Koil lends a tasteful hand to create comfort, love, and peaceful dreams from designs intended to support and provide healthy, rejuvenating nights of sleep. Today, King Koil is a precision-oriented brand known and loved around the world.


The SmartCell system will continuously monitor your movements and automatically adjust the support to ensure you are sleeping in an optimal position to sleep soundly. Even noticing the slightest movement, the technology will monitor your sleep patterns, support your best posture and adapt with you. Characteristics beneficial to your sleep quality like your heart rate, body positioning, and frequency of movements are gathered and thoughtfully processed into a final analysis of your sleep history for the night. Visualizing your sleep habits and activities will give you insight into what works best or what doesn’t to enhance your sleep quality. Awareness of how much time you spend in body-healing REM sleep, you can make necessary adjustments to progress towards many more healthy nights of sleep.



Body Sensing with iO Bed Technology

The SmartLife SmartCell air pockets are actively adapting with the help of body sensors that monitor your movements throughout the night to bring you custom comfort and alignment. The unique body sensing support, along with graphite-infused memory foam, will continuously adapt to your and your partner’s body shape and position for healthy posture while giving you relaxing, deep sleep.

The SmartLife system, with iO Bed technology, provides proper vertebrae alignment from personalized support and adds pressure relief and muscle relaxation from temperature-balancing memory foam. The dual-powered system will work simultaneously on either side, favoring your needs throughout the night. Especially beneficial if your comfort is distinctly different from your partner or varies from day to day while managing pain.

SmartLife’s adaptive support system is designed especially for those who have ever-changing needs for achieving total body comfort and restful sleep. This revolutionary technology is ideal for people who need help decreasing pain by healing the muscles and joints through reinvigorating sleep. Quintessential for those who lead an active lifestyle and need thorough, uninterrupted sleep to heal the body from intense activities.

SmartCells offer dual adaptive support for you and your partner. Independently customized left and right sides of the SmartLife system are an attractive match for couples who have moderate to extreme differences in their comfort preference or body type. When it comes down to mastering sleep, SmartLife by King Koil is a perfect choice for those seeking peaceful sleep, alongside a fresh morning of feeling rested and free from pain or discomfort.

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