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8″ Gel-Max

You’ll find many advantages to a memory foam bed compared to a traditional spring mattress. The Bed Tech 8″ Gel-Max mattress provides all of these — comfortable initial feel, body-hugging, conforming support that reduces pressure points no matter what position you sleep in, and reduced allergens. This model offers 8 inches of foam, with 4 distinct layers. It has 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam with a medium softness rating. The gel helps to moderate body heat, keeping you comfortable in every season. Under that is another 1 inch of memory foam, followed by a foam comfort core 2 inches thick. The base layer is 4 inches of high-resilient yet supportive foam. The antimicrobial mattress cover can be unzipped and removed for washing. This mattress can be used on any base, from wood slat platform beds to traditional frames, and even the Rize adjustable base. Comes with CertiPUR-US certification, so you can be assured it’s manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

Bed Tech 8″ Gel-Max offers 4 layers of memory foam, including a gel infused top layer to help moderate body heat. Includes an antimicrobial removable mattress cover.

Mattress Height

  • Approximately 8"

Mattress Construction

  • Open Cell Memory Foam

Quilt Panel

  • Zipoff Antimicrobial Luxury Cover

Comfort Layer

  • 1" Top Layer 4lb Soft Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 1" Middle Layer 3lb Memory Foam

Support Layer

  • 4" High Resilient 2lb Foam Base
  • 2" Comfort Core

Your Choice Foundation

  • Wood Slat Foundation
  • Rize Contemporary Adjustable Base


  • 10 Years

Built in USA

I'm in Love With My Mattress

- Joan H., Canby, OR

I thought memory foam mattresses were just a hot trend and would fade out like everything fashionable does. But they seem to be here to stay, so I decided to try one out. Lo and behold, I have fallen in love! I bought the Bed Tech 8″ Gel-Max at Mattress World Northwest after the salespeople talked me through the various pros and cons of each model. The gel in the top layer of foam really does create a cooling sensation, and helps me relax after a tough day. As I understand it, foam mattresses like traditional spring mattresses come in different levels of firmness, and it’s a personal decision, but this one was just right for me.

Did My Homework and Chose Well

- Matt P., Portland, OR

I would advise anyone wanting to buy a memory foam mattress to do their “homework” first and learn about what to look for, although I must say the salespeople at Mattress World were quite knowledgeable and helpful. It’s good to know what density you want, for example, the 8″ Gel Max has 4-pound density on its top layer, which most people find perfect. Another good fact to know is that memory foam softens a bit from your body heat when you lie on it for a while, so you need to take your time when shopping. What sealed the deal for me was the 10-year warranty, as well as a guarantee that it’s reasonably friendly to the environment. I am happy with my choice.

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