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12″ Bed Tech Latex

The benefits of a latex mattress are many — it’s exceptionally comfortable, reducing pressure points and giving you the feeling of floating. Latex reduces allergens, making it perfect for those allergic to dust mites and mold. It does not hold in your body heat like memory foam. And finally, it’s made of natural materials, so it is eco-friendly. The 12″ Bed Tech Latex boasts 3 inches of Enhanced Talalay Latex, creating an Ultra Plush softness rating. Beneath that is 2 inches of Lux Plush Memory Foam, 2 inches of Enriched Comfort Foam and 5 inches of High Resilient Foam Base. These work together to bring you 12 full inches of luxury! The mattress comes with an antimicrobial luxury polyester cover, which has a zipper so it’s easy to remove and launder. Pair it with a wood slat foundation or the Rize Contemporary Adjustable Base. Mattress is assembled in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Mattress Height

  • Approximately 12"

Mattress Construction

  • Talalay Latex

Quilt Panel

  • Zipoff Antimicrobial Luxury Polyester Cover

Comfort Layer

  • 3" Enhanced Talalay Latex
  • 2" Lux Plush Memory Foam
  • 2" Improved Enriched Comfort Foam

Support Layer

  • 5" High Resilient 2lb Foam Base

Your Choice Foundation

  • Wood Slat Foundation
  • Rize Contemporary Adjustable Base


  • 10 Years

Built in USA

No More Tossing & Turning

- John G., Portland, OR

I used to be what you might call a very active sleeper. In fact my husband had at one point threatened to get a separate bed or sleep on the couch because my movements would wake him up. I guess I just couldn’t feel comfortable in bed for long, and this was reducing the quality of my sleep as well. One day it dawned on me — maybe it was my mattress! The professionals at Mattress World Northwest introduced us to the 12″ Bed Tech Latex mattress, explaining that many people move less and sleep sounder, and it’s true for me! Why move around when you’re already totally comfortable? Even when I do, the mattress reduces motion so I don’t disturb him. We love it.

No Longer Allergic To My Bed

- Georgia H., Canby, OR

I suffer from numerous environmental allergies — pollen, dust, mold, etc. I take medicine, I get shots, and I keep my house clean and constantly vacuumed. But that wasn’t enough to keep me from waking up every morning with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. When I found out what was living in my mattress, I couldn’t fall asleep there anymore! The 12″ Bed TechLatex mattress helps so much with that. Natural latex actually repels dust mites and mold. When I found that out, I was sold! It’s also a cinch to remove the mattress cover and wash it as often as I need to. I sleep so much better now and wake up feeling great.

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