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Rize Elevation

We all do more in our bed than just sleep — we read, watch TV, recover from illness. Lying flat isn’t always the most comfortable sleeping position, either. Stop fussing with piles of pillows when you want to sit up in bed, or elevate your head or feet. The Rize Elevation Electric Adjustable Bed has dual motors so you can raise either end of the bed, raise both head and feet together, or hit one button and lay it flat again. The motors are quiet and tested with weights up to 700 pounds, and are controlled with a wired remote. Use the Rize Elevation with any type of mattress, including memory foam or latex, or innerspring models that are compatible with adjustable bases. These bed bases come with a 20 year limited warranty and are available in every size from twin through California king, including split-mattress options for queens and kings so each side may be adjusted independently.

Remote Type

  • Wired Remote

Essential Functions

  • Improves Mattress Performance
  • Wall Glide Design
  • Head and Foot Motion Control
  • Steel Leg Stability Support


  • 20 Years

Built in USA

Our Second Family Room

- Thomas W., Canby, OR

We spend a lot of time in bed, or at least on it. Our house is small so the bedroom is often the gathering place for family relaxation. We watch TV there, read, help the kids with homework, and even do our office work sometimes. Now with the Rize Elevation it’s easy to turn our bed into a recliner when we are sitting, and back into a flatbed for sleeping. We have a split queen size bed so I can sit up and read while my husband is sleeping flat, which is a nice feature too. Once the kids stopped playing with the remote like it was just a fun new toy, we all settled into a nightly routine of homework, then watching TV with the little ones while the older kids play in the family room. It’s a cozy way to spend the evening and we love it.

Much Better Than a Hospital Bed

- Nancy H., Portland, OR

I suffer from a chronic illness that has me spending a lot of time in bed. Lying in a traditional flat bed can be uncomfortable for extended periods, and it’s a pain having to pile up pillows just right so I can sit up to eat, read or watch TV. I also sometimes need to elevate my legs, and was having to use a pillow for that also. The Rize Elevation has done so much for my quality of life during the times that I’m bedridden. Since I can use it with a comfortable memory foam mattress, it’s much nicer than a hospital bed, but has many of the same convenient features. I believe that the convenience and comfort help me recover faster from my bad days so I can spend more time living normally. A great investment for us.

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