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The Purple® Mattress


Purple Innovations has pioneered the boxed mattresses of today, and the parent company has created influential cushioning products used by major brands for over two decades. Their advanced technologies “help people live and feel better through innovative comfort solutions.” First licensed by well-known brands like Nike and Dr. Scholls, the patented material has expanded into the one-of-a-kind mattress technology called the Purple Grid. The original version of the Grid, developed in 1996, was used as a medical solution in wheelchair seat cushions, hospital beds, and other comfort products for major companies.

With over 25 years of research and development, the latest innovation, the Purple Grid mattress, pledges a comfortably cool and supportive sleeping surface aspiring to provide restorative and life-changing sleep. The proprietary hyper-elastic polymer forms the GelFlex Grid system and is used today inside all Purple mattresses. This uniquely responsive gel grid will cradle pressure points while flexing to support the curves of your body. Purple’s GelFlex Grid provides a sleeping surface that is “soft where you want it, and firm where you need it.” Purple mattresses present a truly unique and unmatched sleep experience!

The Original Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress features two inches of the proprietary GelFlex Grid system topping off a dual-layer comfort base foam. The grid is a “waffle-like surface” made of hyper-elastic polymer that instantly adapts and supports while maintaining its shape well over time. The Purple Grid will maximize your mattress’s breathability by providing airflow while cradling your curves to reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders. The durable GelFlex Grid is powerful to provide adequate support for proper alignment of your back for many years of restfully comfortable sleep.

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer is proudly made in the USA by Purple’s “Mattress Max Machines” found in factories in Utah and Georgia. The Purple Grid is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making it safe for anyone in the family, especially those with allergies or sensitivities.

Purple Hybrid

In November 2017, Purple Hybrids were one of the first boxed hybrid mattresses available in the mattress industry. Today, the Purple Hybrid, the firmest mattress in the Hybrid collection, utilizes coils, transition foams, and two inches of the Purple Grid. This unique Hybrid mattress combines a mix of the innovative Purple GelFlex Grid with independently wrapped coils to create a supremely supportive and responsive sleep system. The latest advancement of the Purple Hybrid aims to supply improved durability and cooling airflow for balanced sleep all night long.

The Purple Hybrid includes an upgraded dynamic response system of individual coils that will help to provide adaptive support for all body types with little motion transfer. All Purple Hybrid mattresses are available at Mattress World Northwest showrooms and come standard with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hybrid Premier 4

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress offers enhanced pressure relief with a supportive plush feeling compared to any other Purple mattress. This hybrid will absorb body weight on your pressure points to provide muscle relaxation and personalized comfort to soothe your aches and pains. The Premier 4 feels a little softer with a four-inch layer of Purple grid on top of the hybrid coil system. Your body will submerge into relaxation.

Purple mattresses truly offer a soothing and supported feel that you need to experience to believe. Since the origination of Purple mattresses in 2016, they have been truly a game-changer for those who lack a decent slumber and desire a solution to achieve deep and restorative sleep. Don’t hesitate to jumpstart your path to sleeping better with a Purple mattress by checking them out in one of our retail locations or in our online shop today!

Purple Premier

Since the launch of hybrid models in 2017, the Purple Premier Hybrids have become the most popular and best-selling Purple Mattress. Purple Premier mattresses utilize a thicker layer of the grid system on top, providing a perfect balance for just about all body types or sleep positions.

Purple Premier Hybrids are the top-of-the-line Purple mattresses that feature two different comfort levels using their hypoallergenic and non-toxic GelFlex grid. The Purple Premier line offers hybrid mattresses with a medium-soft or soft feel. This collection is the latest and greatest at maximizing pressure-relieving benefits with buoyant support for truly rejuvenating sleep that you never thought possible.

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