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Bed Tech Latex USA Mattress

Best Bed Tech Latex USA Mattresses

Bed Tech has been offering fine, hand-assembled latex and foam mattresses for more than 25 years. Their beds are American-made at plants in Kentucky and Tennessee. The Bed Tech latex mattress line includes premium Talalay Natural Latex beds constructed from 100% latex rubber trees and Certi-PUR certified. All products are backed by a 10-year lifetime guarantee the company stands behind. In 2014, Preferred Credit awarded the company with Diamond Certification based on their sales volume, top-of-the-line customer service and low level of consumer complaints.

Bed Tech Latex USA Mattresses feature:

  • Enhanced Talalay latex: Certified Talalay Latex is 7x more breathable and offers 33% greater pressure relief than traditional memory foam. It’s naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Customers often remark that these mattresses are particularly luxurious to the touch and relax their muscles upon contact. Latex is great for sleeping alongside a restless partner, as the durable cushioning alleviates any side-to-side motion transfer.
  • Lux Plush Memory Foam: Lux Plush is the softest level of memory foam, providing sleepers with a comforting, body-hugging sensation as they lay down to sleep each night. This type of mattress is ideal for side sleepers who wish to relieve pressure from the joints and keep the spine and hips aligned in a more neutral position.
  • Highly Elastic Base Foam: The bottom layers of Bed Tech are specially designed for high density and durability to withstand many years of enjoyment.
  • Open Cell Soft Memory Foam: The second-generation of memory foam offering “open cell” technology dissipates heat 10x faster than the older models of polyurethane foam, ensuring better breathability and a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Zip-off, Anti-Microbial, Polyester Washable Cover: It’s easy to care for your Bed Tech mattress with this removable, machine-washable cover.

Customers can opt to put an Bed Tech t mattress on their existing frame or upgrade to one of the Bed Tech adjustable foundations, which allows them to adjust head and foot elevations. Many of the models come with upgraded bells and whistles – such as therapeutic massage, wall-hugging technology, whisper-soft motors and wireless controls – to give you the precise functionality you need for an effortless rest.

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