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Purple Cloud™ Pillow (King Size)

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Purple Cloud™ Pillow (King Size)

Experience the cool, lasting support of the Purple® Pillow with Boosters. The Purple® Pillow provides optimal spine and neck alignment. Now paired with the Purple Pillow Boosters, you can achieve your ideal pillow height. Includes two Purple Pillow Boosters, ½” and 1”. Use 1 or both, it’s your pillow!


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Purple Cloud™ Pillow
Fans of down and down-alternative pillows: this one is for you. We’ve upgraded the cloud-like comfort of down by filling our Purple Cloud Pillow with hypoallergenic, ultra-fine gel fibers that won’t clump, trap heat, or flatten over time. The result is plush cushioning that molds to support your head and neck. Want double the features and endless comfort possibilities?


Classic, Down-Like Support

Engineered to mimic down, the Purple Cloud’s silky-soft fibers provide plush, moldable cushioning that supports the head and neck.
Always-Fluffy Filling

The crimped gel fibers are coated with silicone to offer enhanced durability and won’t fall flat or clump – even after washing.
Allergy + Airflow-Friendly

The breathable, 100% cotton cover encases premium, down-like fibers that won’t trap heat or trigger allergies.

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  • 4 lbs


  • 17 × 34 × 6 in


  • Yes


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