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General Mattress Information

Your mattress is an important investment. Before spending your hard earned on money on something so vital to your physical health and well-being, you should feel confident that you are making an educated choice based on sound information. Mattress World Northwest understands the overwhelming nature of the mattress industry and offers our customers a large database to familiarize yourself with all the latest technology, materials, comfort types, and shopping tips to help you find your ideal mattress and to help you feel good about investing in it. Take some time to read through our comprehensive information, and when you're ready- we look forward to assisting you in our Portland-area showrooms.

Happy mattress shopping!

Discover your perfect mattress

Mattress shopping is exciting when you know what you’re looking for. Mattress World takes the guesswork out of finding your ideal sleep surface. We offer our shoppers a wealth of information from mattress sizes to materials, and all other frequently asked questions shoppers have when they are serious about purchasing a new bed.

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