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Simmons Mattress Reviews

MattressWorld customers praise Simmons mattresses

Remember the famous ad depicting a falling bowling ball on one side of the mattress and standing pins on the other, implying zero motion transfer? That landmark bed was manufactured by Simmons, a trusted brand for more than 140 years. Featured in many luxury 5-star hotels, Simmons mattresses outperform other bedding lines in comfort, support and durability, thanks to their innovative Pocket Coil Spring technology that provides excellent motion separation and lumbar support while conforming to the body’s unique shape.

Simmons is renowned for their signature Beautyrest line of advanced sleep technology, which comes in a variety of comfort and firmness options to suit all preferences, as well as varying price points and models for shoppers of all budgets. In other words, there are inexpensive Simmons mattresses as well as high-end beds, all within the Beautyrest collection. Each promises a good night’s sleep, so how does one choose the best mattress?

Generally speaking, the difference between Beautyrest models is in the material construction and design. When shopping for a new bed, ask about spring count, the type of memory foam or latex used, edge support and fabric coverings– these along with personal comfort are what truly matter.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress in Oregon, the Simmons Beautyrest line scores high with Mattress World customers.

Check out some of our recent Simmons mattress reviews:

Simmons Mattress Review

“I have had two back surgeries, and I had got to a place in my life were I just thought it was okay to live with back pain. I didn’t think there was a solution and that the pain was just part of my life. But my new Beautyrest mattress from Mattress World changed that. If you have back pain, I believe the bed is the most overlooked thing that could help. I love my new mattress and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

- Bruce S.

Simmons Mattress Review

“Practically my entire life I have been searching for the perfect mattress that is supportive yet soft – well, my Simmons Beautyrest is absolute heaven! I always thought my worsening joint pain was from age, but it is now completely gone. I no longer wake up tired and aching. It was my bed! Mattress World was a pleasure to deal with, and their prices were very competitive. Best investment ever!”

- Sharon B.

Simmons Mattress Review

“I generally find the retail mattress industry is filled with sales people who know very little about matching their clients to the right type of bed. It only took 16 years of marriage and some very sleepless nights to finally discover our Simmons pillow top set at Mattress World. They really know the science behind their products and helped us immensely.”

- Ben G.

Simmons Mattress Review

“If you’re looking for a bed with that plush memory foam feel but with a traditional mattress construction, go with a Simmons Beautyrest. My partner and I are both side sleepers and love the way this bed conforms to our bodies. The top layer actually feels cool, which helps us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Mattress World gave us an amazing deal and threw in free delivery too!”

- Lisa G.

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