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  3. Full mattress
  4. Twin mattress

The right size is very important

It’s true, the size of the mattress can sometimes be just as important as the correct comfort. To achieve a great night’s sleep you must have a comfortable amount of space.  If you are constantly bumping into a partner and re-adjusting you are not getting deep, restorative sleep. Mattress size also plays a role in many other bedroom purchases.

Factors which affect mattress size choices are:

  • Number of people using the mattress.
  • Your height and weight.
  • Size of the bedroom.
  • Bed frame (decorative) size and amount of furniture in room

Suggested guidelines to mattress dimensions

  • Ideally the length of the mattress should be a minimum of 6 inches longer than the height of the tallest person sleeping on the bed.
  • Lie down & get comfortable making use of a pillow and put your elbows behind your head. Your elbows should not touch your partner or go beyond the edge of the mattress.
  • A minimum of 22 inches clearance at the sides of the mattress is essential to allow for comfortable movement without bumping into furniture.
  • Make sure you consider an increase in height, if it’s for a growing person.

Important guidelines to mattress thickness

Mattress thickness or height varies greatly in the marketplace today. Thickness is sometimes confused with quality however it’s not the gauge for quality or comfort. Some inexpensive mattresses can be made to look expensive by making them thicker. If the mattress isn’t made using quality springs or foam it  will quickly become very uncomfortable.

Before buying a mattress keep in mind how height or thickness can affect how happy you are with your new mattress.

  • The height of your new mattress will affect how easily you can get in and out of bed. Low profile boxes can be added to lower the overall height.
  • Decorative headboards and footboards can be hidden by too tall a mattress. Some decorative Platforms may not need a box. This may change the comfort of the mattress. A low profile box or Bunkie board can be used to lower the overall height in these situations.
  • Bunk beds generally use a thinner mattress. Too tall a mattress can cause you to hit your head on the upper bunk or put the mattress above the upper bunks safety bar.
  • A big mattress(wider and taller) can make a room look smaller
  • Linen and blankets need to fit the size of your new mattress. Almost all newer mattresses (made in the last 15 years) are taller than your old mattress.

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