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Is a latex mattress better than an inner-spring mattress?

Latex or innerspring mattresses: which is right for you?

Mattress World Northwest is Oregon’s largest supplier of quality mattresses, and our Sleep Specialists are constantly answering queries about the benefits and potential drawbacks of our wide range of bedding products. When comparing mattresses like those made with latex or memory foam to more traditional models featuring inner springs, it’s akin to equating apples with oranges. The question should be: “Which mattress is better for my sleep style and needs?”

Depending on your usual sleep position, temperature preferences and desired features in a sleep set up, you would fare well with either a latex or innerspring mattress that is comfortable, supportive and promotes neutral spinal alignment.

It’s true that organic latex mattresses offer benefits that innerspring beds don’t, like allergen-free material and more pressure point relief, but innerspring beds have remained an industry standard thanks to their orthopedic support and durability.

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Combine comfort with support

Comfort and support are the cornerstones of a good mattress, and both innerspring and latex beds perform well in this regard.

Latex is praised for its pressure-relieving properties that can be especially helpful for those with herniated discs, a history of low back pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia. No matter if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, latex rubber provides uplifting support, keeping your neck and spine properly aligned throughout the night. Because of its density and micro pinhole design, latex mattresses are self-ventilating and retain less heat than their innerspring counterparts, making latex a better option for people who tend to sleep hot. Lastly, latex mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites and are 100 percent hypoallergenic, allowing for a blissful night’s rest to those with chronic allergies.

Today’s innerspring mattresses are not the same beds your parents slept on. Some are elevated with a 2-stage coil design, with each coil individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer. Others are infused with a top layer of gel memory foam for an added level of comfort. And of course, respected brands like Simmons and Sealy make spring mattresses in firm, plush, ultra-plush and pillow-top, letting you customize the level of firmness for the ultimate sleeping surface.

In our experience, most customers find innerspring coil mattresses a bit firmer than latex. This is a definite benefit for those who don’t like the feeling of sinking into a bed, and prefer the sensation of sleeping on the mattress surface. On the other hand, coil mattresses may not be ideal for allergy sufferers, or those who crave the “body-hugging” support of a latex or memory foam bed.

Find the best mattress for your needs

The reality is that with a little research and some test driving, you can find a latex or innerspring bed that offers extraordinary support, pressure point relief and cooling sleep. Mattress World Northwest, with eleven showrooms located throughout the greater Portland metro area, features the latest in sleep technology made by America’s top brands. We’re here to answer your questions and make recommendations based on your preferences and desired price point. We hope to see you soon in our downtown Portland, Salem, Glisan, Clackamas, Canby, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Happy Valley, Jantzen Beach, or Washington Square stores.

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