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Meet the Mattress World Northwest Family!

We are locally owned and operated by our family for your family. We have your highest good in mind and we serve you with our experience and expertise on all things related to sleep and health issues. This means that you can trust that we will make sure you sleep through the night and wake each morning with brightness and strength.

  • Sean Hathaway

    Sean Hathaway


  • Brendan Foster

    Brendan Foster

    General Manager

  • Robert Waters

    Robert Waters

    Merchandising Manager

  • Andy Layne

    Andy Layne

    Business Development Manager

  • Skyler Wise

    Skyler Wise

    Warehouse Logistics Manager

  • Steven Lee

    Steven Lee

    Financing Manager

  • Robin Carlos

    Robin Carlos

    Procurement Advisor

  • Amanda Layne

    Amanda Layne

    Claim Sevices Coordinater

  • Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen

    Company Liason

  • Jimmy Nguyen

    Jimmy Nguyen

    Store Lead, Salem

  • Joe Werner

    Joe Werner

    Sleep Specialist, Canby

  • James Haskin

    Sleep Specialist, Scappoose

  • Robert Villarreal

    Robert Villarreal

    Sleep Specialist, Clackamas Town Center

  • Shelley Dubenko

    Shelley Dubenko

    Sleep Specialist, Salem

  • Gary Richards

    Gary Richards

    Event Sales

  • Ryan Vande Griend

    Ryan Vande Griend

    Sleep Specialist, Wilsonville

  • Teresa Forsell

    Teresa Forsell

    Sleep Specialist, Glisan

  • Race Rothery

    Race Rothery

    Sleep Specialist, Jantzen Beach

  • Emerald Oswalt

    Emerald Oswalt

    Sleep Specialist, Happy Valley

  • Tim Lowery

    Tim Lowery

    Store Lead, Clackamas

  • Jason Stites

    Jason Stites

    Sleep Specialist, South Salem

  • Gerry Valvona

    Gerry Valvona

    Sleep Specialist, Clackamas

  • Ryan Bailey

    Ryan Bailey

    Sleep Specialist, Gresham

  • Sean Callaway

    Sean Callaway

    Sleep Specialist, Scappoose

  • Trevor Davis

    Trevor Davis

    Sleep Specialist, Happy Valley

  • Luis Pon

    Luis Pon

    Sleep Specialist, Washington Square

  • Micheal Wassom

    Micheal Wassom

    Warehouse Assistant Manager

  • Brian Esters

    Brian Esters

    Warehouse Technician

  • Benardo Zetina-Martinez

    Benardo Zetina-Martinez


  • Fransisco Bautista

    Fransisco Bautista

    Delivery Driver

  • David Acevedo

    David Acevedo


  • Moris Palma

    Moris Palma

    Delivery Driver

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