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Stearns & Foster Mattress Reviews

Our customers love their Stearns & Foster mattresses

Stearns & Foster is a mid-to-luxury level brand with a variety of mattresses available at all different price points and styles. Their beds use individually-wrapped coils for support, in addition to a comfort layer made of memory foam, cashmere, silk, natural latex, cotton, or wool. Firmness ranges include: Ultra Firm, Luxury Firm, Luxury Cushion Firm, and Luxury Plush.

Consumers like the wide range of support and cushioning to find the perfect comfort level. They also say the beds are “quiet” compared to other brands and are perfect for couples who are often disturbed by their partner’s tossing and turning. Buyers say the Stearns and Foster mattresses feel soft yet supportive, but hold their shape over time.

Mattress World Northwest has a large selection of Stearns & Foster mattresses and knowledgeable Sleep Specialists who can educate you about the plethora of options. Our staff encourages you to keep an open mind as you shop, even if you are replacing a Stearns and Foster bed you loved. What matters most is not so much the brand, as the mattress components. We can help you find the perfect support level and cushioning at any price point!

Here are some Stearns & Foster mattress reviews from our customers:

Stearns & Foster Mattress Review

“We searched high and low for a really great bed. My husband and I both have back issues, so it was important that we find something that would provide plenty of support. We also didn’t want to sleep on something that was so firm, it felt hard. We got our Stearns and Foster mattress home and instantly fell in love with how comfortable it is. We've had our Stearns & Foster pillow top mattress set for about six months now, and it's as comfortable now as the first night we slept on it. It feels like you're being gently cradled when you go to bed at night. The outer fabric is really high quality and quite luxurious. ”

- Ella D.

Stearns & Foster Mattress Review

“I have osteo & rheumatoid arthritis. I have tried just about every bed made. It wasn’t until I bought my Stearns & Foster mattress that I realized what a good night's sleep felt like. I found the perfect model at Mattress World Northwest for under $1,000 – which was a much better price than the same mattresses at the department stores. In my opinion, it’s well worth the price and the company’s customer service was an added bonus. Delivery was quick, set up a breeze, and everyone I dealt with was pleasant as could be. The quality sleep I get now has given me a whole new quality of life. Thank you for your help!”

- Tracy F.

Stearns & Foster Mattress Review

“We were excited when we bought our Stearns and Foster Pillow Top mattress. It was the Cadillac of mattresses at the time. Five years later, we still love it and think back about what a fun day we had trying all the beds out at Mattress World Northwest. You would think such a big selection would be overwhelming, but the specialists really knew their beds and helped break down our wants and needs to the most relevant models. The mattress fabric and stitching still looks brand new. The only downside is maintenance. We have to flip the mattress on a regular basis and it’s a bit heavy, so it takes two to get the job done. Over time, we found we also desired a little extra padding, so we added a memory foam topper as well. We’re still glad we went with Stearns & Foster and we’d definitely recommend this retailer.”

- Christine A.

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