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Posh + Lavish Mattresses

Posh + Lavish Mattresses
Redefining Luxury

A rejuvenating night’s sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Enjoy the peaceful slumber your body and spirit deserve with a Posh + Lavish mattress. This exceptional line of mattresses is hand-made in California by skilled craftsman using only the finest materials available. As its name implies, Posh + Lavish is dedicated to creating the ultimate luxury sleep experience. It does this with a buoyant, floating design that helps your muscles relax while supporting your spine throughout the night.

Mattress World Northwest is proud to offer this extravagant collection of luxury mattresses in our Oregon showrooms. And with each mattress purchase, Posh + Lavish dedicates 25% of proceeds to help the charitable hospitals at CURE International.

Hand-crafted extravagance from Posh + Lavish

Each component in a Posh + Lavish mattress is designed to deliver a decadent tactile sensation. Exquisite comfort and lasting performance are the cornerstones of this ultra-premium collection. For the discerning customer, this is a luxury mattress that needs to be experienced. Try it for yourself and feel the difference of high-end, organic materials and meticulously craftmanship.

Posh + Lavish mattresses are all-latex construction, with an extra-thick, washable stretch-knit cover made of Tencel yarn. The mattress core is specially designed with natural Talalay latex to deliver “bounce-free” comfort.

Finest quality mattress components

Posh + Lavish was developed under the philosophy that one’s mattress is the ultimate expression of caring for our bodies and minds during sleep. Toward this end, each mattress component is carefully curated to deliver the best in support, relaxation and all-over comfort.

  • Latex – Posh + Lavish uses naturally sourced materials such as long-lasting latex rubber that is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning each assembly is performed using non-toxic, water-based glue.
  • Wool – All-natural, long fiber wool encases all four sides of the mattress.
  • Cotton -Two layers of natural cotton are encased in the wool. Both materials wick away moisture and help keep you cool during warmer weather and warm during cold weather.
  • Tencel Fabric – Each mattress is covered in a premium Tencel knit fabric that is derived from wood pulp and is actually softer than silk. This hard-wearing fabric uses nanotechnology that is moisture absorbent, durable and exceptionally supple.

Deep, uninterrupted sleep is incredibly restorative, and gives you the means to rise and shine with a newfound energy and purpose.  Posh + Lavish mattresses are in a class all their own and feature a 20-year warranty that speaks to the overwhelming confidence in the product.

Materials Hand-made using only the finest organic materials.

Latex Oeko-Tex certified naturally sourced, non-toxic latex rubber.

Wool Each mattress is fully encased with natural long-fiber wool covers with two layers of natural cotton.

Cotton Keeping you both cool and warm as needed, natural cotton wicks away moisture so you can sleep peacefully.

Fabric Nanotechnology Tencel-faced fabric made from wood pulp is super absorbent and incredibly soft.

All natural latex support

Shop the best selection of Posh + Lavish sleep systems at Mattress World Northwest, where we encourage all customers to test-drive this phenomenal new luxury brand. The superior components, design and craftsmanship deliver myriad benefits, including:

  • Motion isolation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Spinal support
  • Naturally ventilating
  • Moisture & temperature control
  • Buoyant, uplifting feel

Moreover, the premium latex is one of the top performing pressure relieving materials that is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust-mites. All mattress materials are free of chemicals, toxins and are Oeko-Tex certified.

Shop Posh + Lavish at Mattress World Northwest

Indulge in the sumptuous comfort and unsurpassed luxury of this flagship collection. You’ll find Posh + Lavish models in all 22 of our Oregon Mattress World Northwest store locations, from Salem to Jantzen Beach. Have questions? Our Sleep Specialists are happy to answer queries about this exciting addition to the luxury mattress industry.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why is proper support important for Posh+Lavish mattresses?

Posh+Lavish mattresses are built to last and offer one of the longest warranties with the lowest body impression limits in the United States. However, their optimal performance is ensured only when they are placed on the appropriate foundation and frame.

Can I place the Posh+Lavish mattress on adjustable foundations?

Yes, most of our mattresses are designed for adjustable foundations. Just ensure that the adjustable foundation remains entirely flat when in the flat position.

Can I reuse my old foundation or box spring with a new Posh+Lavish mattress?

It’s recommended not to reuse old foundations or box springs, especially if they’re a decade old. They might have been designed for lighter mattresses and may not support the weight of your new Posh+Lavish mattress adequately.

What type of foundation should I invest in if I’m buying a Posh+Lavish mattress?

When buying a flat foundation, consider getting a matching Posh+Lavish foundation. We offer three models:

  • High profile: 9″ tall
  • Low profile: 5″ tall
  • Super low profile: 2″ tall

All our foundations are crafted from solid spruce wood and not composite materials. A queen-sized foundation comes with 14 slats spaced about 2 3/4″ apart.

What kind of foundations ensure prolonged mattress life and warranty coverage?

Suitable options include:

  • Matching Posh+Lavish foundation
  • Solid surface adjustable foundations
  • Platform beds with non-flexing slats spaced less than 3” apart
  • Slat foundations with non-flexing slats spaced less than 3” apart.

Please avoid placing anything between your mattress and foundation.

What frame specifications should I look for to ensure the longevity and warranty coverage of my mattress?

Opt for frames with at least 5 legs and a center support, especially for queen or king-sized mattresses. Foldable bed frames aren’t recommended as they might not be robust enough to handle the weight of our mattresses.

Can I place my mattress directly on the floor?

No, it’s best to position your mattress on an appropriate foundation and frame or a slatted platform bed. Refrain from placing plywood or particle board beneath your mattress on top of your foundation.

What is the limited warranty provided by Posh+Lavish?

Posh+Lavish offers a limited warranty to the original retail buyer for its mattresses, toppers, foundations, and pillows. The terms vary depending on the product.

What does the warranty cover for the All-Latex Mattresses and “Latex+Memory Foam” Mattress Collections?

For the initial ten (10) years, Posh+Lavish will either replace or repair mattresses from these collections at no additional cost if they are found defective due to manufacturing or structural issues. The subsequent ten (10) years are covered under a pro-rated warranty, with details available in the warranty schedule section.

What about the Posh+Lavish True PillowTops warranty?

The True PillowTops from Posh+Lavish come with a ten (10) year warranty. During this period, if the topper is determined to have manufacturing or structural defects, it will be replaced or repaired at no extra cost. Specific limitations apply, and the following ten (10) years follow a pro-rated warranty detailed in the document’s warranty schedule section.

How does the warranty work for the Posh+Lavish Pocket Sprung Mattress Collections?

If mattresses from this collection are found to have faulty workmanship or structural defects within the initial ten (10) years, Posh+Lavish will either repair or replace them at no extra charge. However, certain limitations are excluded from this guarantee.

What warranty is provided for the Posh+Lavish Pillows?

Posh+Lavish ensures the pillows for one (1) year. If they are found to be defective due to manufacturing issues or structural defects within this year, they will be replaced at no additional charge, with some exceptions based on specific limitations.

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