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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

What our customers are saying about their memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made with a space-age viscoelastic material that evenly distributes body weight, offering sublime pressure point relief. Known for their support, motion isolation and overall comfort, memory foam beds are available in various thicknesses and densities. Unlike an inner spring mattress, memory foam technology contours to your body shape much better, alleviating aches and pains. The best memory foam mattress is designed with multiple layers to offer everything from extra firm support to more of a pillow top feel with much more precision than that of traditional coil spring models.

Earlier lines of memory foam beds garnered attention for heat retention as sleepers “sank” deep into the mattress. Today’s collections are engineered with highly advanced gel foam that dissipates heat and improves airflow for a cooler, more restful night’s sleep. For those in need of therapeutic support with fewer mid-sleep awakenings, a memory foam mattress may be the ideal choice. As a rule, ultra-high density memory foam mattresses are more costly, but also more durable.

In light of memory foam’s weight sensitivity, heavier sleepers (200 pounds or more) tend to benefit the most from the bed’s contouring properties.

Be advised that memory foam beds by different manufacturers vary greatly in cost and may have similar monikers, but the actual mattress components are much more important than brand name. For a candid look at user experience with several models of memory foam mattresses, we’d like to share some Mattress World Northwest customer reviews.

Check out some of our recent memory foam mattress reviews:

Memory Foam Mattress Review

“I have spent the better part of my 35 years sleeping on a rigid inner spring mattress that caused aching joints. My chiropractor recommended a memory foam bed, and boy was he right! Since switching to a semi-firm memory foam mattress, the comfort level has increased exponentially. The team at Mattress World Northwest gave us a terrific deal without any high pressure sales tactics. And their prices were actually lower than the neighboring big box store. Extremely happy with our purchase!”

- Denise P.

Memory Foam Mattress Review

“We've had our new Gel Memory foam mattress for about three months, and it is absolutely worth the extra money! Mattress World NorthWest had it delivered the same day, and were a pleasure to deal with.  I can honestly say that even in the hottest days of summer, I still sleep cool AND my husband has gotten rid of his low back pain. My folks have a Tempur-Pedic and it doesn't even come close to ours in terms of support and comfort.  Thanks to Mattress World for helping us sleep better!”

- Andrea J.

Memory Foam Mattress Review

“We had our minds set on a memory foam, but did not love the $$$$ that came with it at all the big name stores. Mattress World had an unbelievable selection and even better prices. The guy at the store was super helpful and we LOVE our new Memory Foam California King bed! We ended up getting the memory foam pillows, too. We have never slept so well. We will be recommending Mattress World to all our friends and family. Don't waste your time anywhere else! THANK YOU, Mattress World!”

- Andrew M.

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