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How can I make a mattress softer?

What is the best mattress topper?

Your bed should be a sanctuary – a place of pure comfort and relaxation. However, it’s hard to enjoy a blissful night’s sleep when your mattress isn’t the comfort level you desire. Luckily, there are many ways to change the feel of a mattress by using a mattress topper.

Adding a mattress topper is one of the simplest ways to boost comfort and improve your sleep experience without having to invest big bucks in a brand new bed. In most cases, you can transform an older, innerspring mattress into a much softer, more pressure relieving sleep surface.

Whether you choose a memory foam, latex or goose down feather bed topper, you’ll soon be slumbering away in cloud-like cushioning.

Here at Mattress World Northwest, the leading mattress retailer in Portland, Oregon, our sleep specialists offer tips on how to make your bed exceptionally comfortable. If your mattress isn’t as soft as you’d prefer, follow these steps to create a luxuriously indulgent bed, and remember, it’s all in the layering!

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Make a mattress softer: tips

  • Step One – Rotate your mattress 180 degrees first, to help promote more even wear.
  • Step Two – Buy a waterproof mattress protector; not only will it protect against accidental spills and extend the life of your mattress, it can add an extra touch of comfort.
  • Step Three – Add a mattress topper to increase comfort and overall cushioning. There are many styles and materials to choose from, including conventional egg-crate toppers, memory foam toppers, latex mattress toppers, and natural wool toppers.
  • Step Four – Add another layer of cushioning with an additional mattress topper for double the comfort! Hint: for 5-star hotel luxury put a thick feather bed topper on top of a 2 or 3-inch memory foam pad.
  • Step Five – For the ultimate sleep experience, ensure your sheets are super soft and not scratchy. Only select high thread-count cotton sheets (Egyptian and Pima cotton are softest), or those made from bamboo.
  • Step Six – Invest in quality pillows made with latex or cool gel memory foam, depending on your sleep position and preferences.

Types of mattress toppers

Mattress toppers offer pressure relief to the surface of an overly firm bed.

  • Egg crates – By far the most cost-effective choice, egg crate toppers vary in thickness and offer an easy solution to a hard bed. Be warned, they tend to sleep hot!
  • Memory foam – If you can’t afford a high-tech memory foam mattress, a topper is the next best thing. These also vary in thickness and provide excellent relief for painful joints while helping to reduce motion transfer. Be sure to look for hypoallergenic versions if you’re sensitive to chemicals.
  • Feather topper – While more expensive, a down topper offers exquisite comfort and a touch of luxury. Pro: feather toppers sleep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Con: they are not mite and dust resistant, and can provoke allergic reactions in some people. However, several companies sell down alternative mattress toppers made with a polyester fiber fill.
  • Hybrid topper – Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid topper that combines the pillow-like comfort of feather with the body-conforming support of memory foam.
  • Latex mattress topper – Healthy and eco-friendly, mattress toppers made with natural latex can quickly transform an uncomfortable bed. Highly recommended for people who suffer from arthritis and sciatica. In general, latex sleeps cooler than memory foam since it doesn’t trap heat.
  • Wool mattress topper – These toppers are typically made with soft Merino fleece, and are excellent for allergy-sensitive individuals. Wool is breathable, helps with temperature regulation and wicks moisture from your body.

Adding a cozy mattress topper adds just enough to cushioning to make even the hardest beds feel soft. And with the right sheets and pillows, you can transform your bed into an oasis of comfort.

If you are interested in improving your sleep with a mattress topper, stop by one of the 11 Oregon Mattress World Northwest locations, in Clackamas, Wilsonville, Gresham, Beaverton, Jantzen Beach, Happy Valley, Canby, South Salem and throughout the Portland area.

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