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Mattresses for Poor Circulation

Best Mattress for Poor Circulation

As the leading mattress retailer in Oregon – with 17 convenient locations in downtown Portland, Clackamas, Wilsonville and more – we constantly work with customers who are frustrated by poor blood circulation during sleep and who are looking for a solution. Our experienced Sleep Specialists understand that when it comes to mattresses, one size does not fit all, and we work with you one-on-one to customize a sleep setup that lets you rest deeply, comfortably, and pain-free.

Poor circulation can lead to a variety of health problems, including pain, numbness, stiffness, and slow healing from injuries. The adverse health effects can snowball, as poor circulation causes the heart to work harder and blood pressure increases. Pressure points where your body meets the mattress can constrict your circulatory system and lead to pins and needles, numbness, and aches and pains. Bad circulation is the main cause of chronic restlessness and repeatedly changing position during the night.

Improve Circulation With the Right Mattress

The firmer the mattress, the smaller the surface area that supports your body weight, leading in turn to more intense pressure points and constricted blood flow. Beds that are designed to be more responsive to your body’s contours tend to disperse, or spread out, the impact of your weight over a larger area of the mattress, thus relieving pressure points.

When you sleep on a mattress that enables proper blood flow, the body can relax into a deep sleep without pressure, pain or the constant need to toss and turn. Blood flow is promoted by the natural alignment of the spine and body during sleep. Proper circulation is maintained when the mattress contours to the natural shape and posture of your body, even if you change positions repeatedly during the night.

There is no one right answer when it comes to finding the best mattress for poor circulation. Generally speaking, however, customers with blood flow problems report greater relief with mattresses that are more responsive to their natural spinal contours, such as memory foam, latex, and hybrid models. Adjustable beds are also considered good solutions for poor circulation since they raise the position of the legs and reduce pressure in the lower back. People who have trouble with poor circulation while they sleep generally report more discomfort with firmer mattresses.

Mattress World Northwest – Oregon’s top bedding outlet

Check out our selection of mattresses that customers have given high marks for improving their circulation problems during sleep, and then stop by one of mattress showrooms in Portland, Canby, Salem, Clackamas, Wilsonville, Beaverton, or Gresham to see first-hand how our friendly sleep experts can work with you to get the blissful night’s sleep you’ve always dreamed about.

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