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Sean Hathaway

A note from Sean

My name is Sean Hathaway, owner of Mattress World Northwest. The furniture and mattress industry has held me captive for over 20 years. While furniture and mattresses by themselves are really not that captivating, it is the people I have met and the stories about family and friends that makes it all worthwhile.

When someone needs a new sofa it can be a lot of fun picking out fabric and looking at styles. But I think it is even more fun to talk about the Super Bowl party it will be hosting and whose coming or how the whole family will finally get to hang out together once the remodel is done. I was recently blown away when one of my very first customers came in to look at mattresses and at the same time let me know that the furniture they purchased years ago was still in use and that the kids running around the house at that time were now going to college and married.

Mattresses are even more engaging. Many mattress purchases revolve around life changes: moving, marriage, engagement, promotion and of course some kind of discomfort. For me, there is no better feeling than when I am a part of the solution to someone’s life issue. When I can help someone relieve years of back pain, or help them sleep through the whole night, or provide a couple that is head-over-heels in love with that very first mattress purchase made as a couple...that gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

Doing a good job allows me to also meet parents, grandparents, kids and friends through referrals. I believe that everyone at Mattress World Northwest works to this end. Everyone who works here, work as hard as they can so that each customer can have a great experience so we can earn their next family member or friends business.

Coming to work each day is like going to see your good friend: it’s almost always fun. We have grown from 20 something’s to adults in the furniture and bedding industry and have worked together more on than off for the last 22 years. I went from single to married with two children in this business. Family means a lot at Mattress World Northwest and I, personally love to feature our kids in our advertising because mattresses are all about family. In fact at the bottom of this page I invite you to hear more about my family's story involving Cystic Fibrosis.

We have your highest good in mind.

We are dedicated to helping you and your family find the unique sleep solution that meets your individual needs and promotes restorative and nourishing sleep, every night.

We hand-pick each mattress that is offered in our stores based on the best combination of quality and value.

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