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Mattress Shopping Tips

Mattress Shopping Made Easy at Mattress World Northwest

Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be confusing, stressful, or unreasonably expensive. At Mattress World Northwest, we want our customers to be fully equipped with the useful information they need to select a bed they’ll love for years to come. Stop by one of our locations in the Portland, Oregon area today, and let our friendly Sleep Specialists show you around. In the meantime, check out our handy mattress buying tips.

We take the confusion out of mattress shopping

The average person will spend the equivalent of 25 years asleep. Since you’ll be enjoying your mattress for quite some time, it’s important to choose the right one. But with all the specialized mattress terminology—hybrid, latex, foam, organic, etc.—it can be frustrating to sort through your choices.

Mattress World Northwest takes the confusion out of shopping for a mattress. We know that you just want to find a bed you’ll sleep soundly on, and that you might not want to be bothered with researching core densities, indentation load deflections, or coil configurations. When you visit one of our showrooms, a Sleep Specialist will take the time to get to know your preferences, and offer strategic recommendations for you to try.

How to buy a mattress

Research says that at least one in every three people has some degree of insomnia. Here at Mattress World Northwest, we like to do our part to fight back against this epidemic by making it as easy as possible for our customers to find the right bed for them. Our mattress shopping experts will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Pick the right size
  2. Pick the right type
  3. Take your time napping on the floor models
  4. Explore our special financing options
  5. Arrange your free delivery

If you discover that the mattress you bring home isn’t quite right for you, you can use our Comfort Guarantee to exchange it.

Why it matters where you go mattress shopping

Where you shop is just as important as what you buy, and when it comes to replacing your mattress, using an e-retailer is not going to lead to your total sleep satisfaction. Online retailers tend to use a “one size fits all” approach—they don’t consider factors that are unique to you. Don’t head for a big box store either, because to their sales teams, you’re just another number that will help them reach their sales quotas.

Instead, shop local. Mattress World Northwest is a small, local business, which means that every single customer who walks through our doors matters to us. It’s important to us that you walk away completely satisfied with our service and confident with your selection.

When to go shopping for a mattress

Modern mattresses are built to last, but they still need to be replaced from time to time. There’s no cut-and-dry rule regarding when a mattress must be replaced. One of the most significant factors is the original quality of the bed. Some models may retain their comfort level for 10 to 15 years, or even longer. Others start to get uncomfortable after five to six years.

Most sleepers do well with trusting their instincts. If you find yourself wondering whether you might sleep better on a new mattress, it’s probably time to at least check out your options. Even if you don’t plan to buy right now, you can visit a showroom and test the different models. Compare how they feel to your own bed, and see whether there’s a significant improvement that would compel you to replace it.

What’s a reasonable cost for a mattress?

A mattress costs whatever you’re willing to pay to invest in your health, emotional wellness, and quality of life. There’s a reason why some mattresses cost more—they’re exceptionally well-made, with the best possible materials, and they will keep you cradled in comfort for years to come. That said, no one wants to pay more than they should, which is why so many Portland-area residents come to Mattress World Northwest. Ask us about our regular sales offers and special financing!

Mattress buying tips for people with health issues

Getting the full amount of sleep your body needs is essential for supporting your health. But if you have chronic back pain, a painful rotator cuff, blood circulation issues, or other chronic health problems, then it’s more challenging to sleep comfortably through the night. The configurations of materials and firmness levels can play a role in supporting people with certain health concerns. For instance, people with chronic back pain may need a bed that keeps the spine in a neutral position, like a memory foam or latex bed.

Stop by Mattress World Northwest for expert mattress buying tips customized to suit your health needs.

Mattress Shopping Tips by Mattress World Northwest

The perfect bed is whichever one fits your unique needs and sleep style. Use the following resources to begin your search.

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