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Mattress shopping is confusing!

The worst part...


We have your wellness in mind.

Your personal health and wellness is our first priority and we will listen closely to you so that we can get to the root of the problem and find the right mattress that fits your unique sleep needs and comfort preferences.

How to shop for a mattress without confusion

Everyone sleeps on one, but how much do you really know about your mattress? With dozens of manufacturers churning out new lines every year, it’s easy to see how this significant home purchase can be confusing and anxiety provoking. Numerous studies point to the intrinsic benefits of a good night’s sleep, which keeps us mentally fit, productive and happy. Given this knowledge, it stands to reason that a quality mattress is the cornerstone to peaceful slumber and good health, yet how do you pick the right model among a maze of inviting choices?

Today’s mattresses boast a slew of advancements like viscoelastic memory foam, Opticore support and pocket coil technology. But even the savviest of consumers are bewildered with such terminology, especially among similar leading brands.

Why is mattress shopping so confusing anyway?

When you shop for a new mattress you’ll be faced with dozens of options, but the good news is that sleep specialists at Mattress World Northwest can guide you through this process. What it all boils down to is individual preference — what feels comfortable and supportive to your body. Whether you need extra lower back support or want a mattress that accommodates other health issues, we can customize your options based on decades of experience. As Oregon’s leading mattress retailer, with locations in Portland, Canby, Salem and Clackamas, we have unrivaled expertise in sleep technology advancements and want to ensure our customers make a smart investment.

Remember the days when mattresses came in soft, medium and firm? Now you get to choose from pocketed innersprings, hybrid models and those made exclusively with memory foam or gel latex. Technical jargon aside, all that really matters is that you sleep comfortably and wake rested. And because comfort is subjective rather than objective, the only way to decide is to try out various mattresses. The problem with test driving 15 mattresses in the showroom is they can all begin to feel the same, especially after an exhausting day of shopping.

Here at Mattress World, our sleep specialists will listen to your concerns before we make our recommendations, which will be optimized according to your specifications and budget. And since we carry mattresses by all the leading manufacturers, including Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster and Englander, we have an extensive selection from which to pull.

The bottom line is that every manufacturer sells high quality mattresses and more “basic” mattresses, but what feels comfy to one person may feel downright awful to another, cost aside. Innerspring mattresses, such as those made by Sealy, Simmons and Serta have dominated the industry for years. Newer brands like Aireloom have targeted the luxury market. We know from experience that consumers shouldn’t shop by brand alone, but by comfort.

Understanding mattress types can help us tailor some options that you’re more inclined to like. For example, a latex mattress pushes back, elevating the sleeper on top. On memory foam, you sink into the bed – a truly body-hugging experience. As long as your body is in proper alignment and you have good support, high-tech advancements may prove irrelevant.

Easier mattress shopping at Mattress World Northwest

We know there are a lot of misconceptions about mattresses, and our team is ready to debunk those myths once and for all. As a prime example, a mattress that feels “firm” may not be supportive at all, whereas plenty of “plush” mattresses offer excellent support while relieving pressure and promoting blood circulation. So, you never have to feel bad about purchasing an ultra-cushy mattress, as some of the softest can be perfectly suited to your needs.

The bedding industry has made great strides improving sleep technology over the past 10 years. Let Mattress World Northwest show you how simple finding your perfect mattress can be. Stop by our showrooms today, conveniently located in the greater Portland area as well as Wilsonville, Beaverton and Gresham.

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