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Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Mattress World customers heap praise on hybrid mattresses

Each year brings innovative technologies and materials designed to promote better sleep. One of the latest types of rave-worthy bedding is the hybrid mattress, which overcomes the limitations of traditional inner spring coil beds.  If you’ve ever been torn between a latex, memory foam or inner spring bed, hybrid mattresses feature varying combinations of these components for the ultimate sleep set up.  While every brand has its own line-up of basic and premier hybrid beds, most have a coil system foundation (inner spring or pocket coil), topped with a resilient layer of memory foam, gel foam or latex in various thicknesses. This cutting-edge hybrid design enhances pressure point relief along the shoulders and hips, while encouraging hours of deep slumber.

Here at Mattress World Northwest, we realize that no single mattress type or brand is best for everyone, since health issues and lifestyle play a big role in choosing the right bed. However, if you love the comfort of memory foam but feel it sleeps too hot, a hybrid mattress with air-cool technology may be just the ticket. Research has shown that 60-67 degrees is the optimum temperature for restorative sleep, and today’s hybrid beds offset temperature fluctuations with advanced cooling gel. Popular brands like Simmons and Sealy offer a range of firmness levels in their hybrid mattresses, but note that price points can vary dramatically within collections.

When shopping for a hybrid mattress, look closely at the type of materials and components, as this is what helps determine quality.

Read hybrid mattress reviews from our satisfied customers:

“It was time to trade up from our old Tempur-Pedic that trapped heat and made me so uncomfortably hot. Got my new hybrid bed on sale from Mattress World, and I love how conforming the material is without that sinking feeling I experienced with memory foam. Hands down, this is the best mattress I've ever owned and it really does sleep cool!”

- Dawn M.

“As a heavier person, finding a supportive mattress that was still comfortable has always been difficult. My hybrid bed is awesome. Even after 8 months, the gel memory foam continues to support me in all the right places, with no sagging. No more sore back and restless nights. My only regret is that I didn’t go for the king size! My wife says she has never slept so soundly, since she’s not awakened by my movements. I highly recommend hybrid technology for a good night's sleep. Thank you Mattress World!”

- Jim K.

“I never knew that a good mattress could make such a major difference in the quality of my sleep. Our hybrid bed is the perfect compromise for me and boyfriend. It has the support of coil springs but also the body-hugging comfort of memory foam. Mattress World explained how the bed is made sort of like a cake with several padding layers for distributing the pressure. All I can say is we are both enjoying sweet dreams and no longer wake up tired. Would definitely recommend a hybrid bed to friends and family, and the service at Mattress World was top-notch!”

- Nicole T.

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