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King Koil’s SmartLife Body Sensing Mattress

King Koil’s SmartLife Body Sensing Mattress

SmartLife technology by King Koil is the pinnacle of years of researching sleep science. King Koil was named the best new product in 2018 by an international technology and electronics show and was featured at the 2019 Computer Electronics Show at Sleep Tech Arena.

The patented body-sensing method, powered by IOBed technology, utilizes SmartCells for ever-adjusting support. SmartLife mattresses have air pockets called SmartCells that optimize support and body-weight distribution, even as you shift your sleeping position. The SmartCell air pockets make up a support system that will adjust the firmness to support your side, back, or stomach sleeping position while avoiding the hammocking effect.

This smart bed is engineered to reduce pressure on the back, hips, and shoulders by using body sensors to adapt actively to the sleeper. The sensors will monitor your movements throughout the night and react appropriately with the individual air pockets to ensure optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief on the curves of your body. A real-time sleep monitoring system combined with SmartCell air pockets provides the perfect combination of versatility and adaptability.

The technology found on the SmartLife mattress is so “smart” that even if there is little to no movement, it will automatically scan to check your pressure points throughout the night to ensure you are still sleeping comfortably with maximum pressure relief.

SmartLife mattress by King Koil is an exclusive option, perfect for everchanging, customizable comfort that can satisfy all body shapes and sizes. The SmartLife mattress is driven by cutting-edge sleep science powered by iOBed Global Sleep Technology. Not only does this innovative tech offer the ability to adjust to your comfort, but it also allows the mattress to support you differently than your partner on the other side of the mattress. Ultimately, the mattress can be soft on one side and firmer on the other.

Relaxation Mode

A unique feature of the SmartLife mattress called “Relaxation Mode” is possibly the most exciting element of this specially crafted smart bed. The feature utilizes the 80 individual SmartCells across its eight zones. This smart mattress maneuvers the SmartCells to create a relaxing sensation–similar to a calming wave massage–that can help soothe you to sleep or gently wake you in the morning. The accommodative abilities of the SmartLife mattress will be especially helpful for you if your comfort is distinctly different from your partner’s or if your comfort and support level vary daily.

SmartCells Sleep Analysis

The dual-sided SmartLife system consists of 80 SmartCells with eight zones, intended to operate simultaneously and allow for adjustable support for each sleeper. This mattress will favor your individual needs throughout the night to ensure deep sleep while restoring vital nutrients to heal tired joints and sore muscles. This system automatically adjusts to your movements to provide the best support for you in every position and is also customizable to a firm or soft comfort level.

The SmartCell system will continuously monitor your movements, and auto-adjust the air cells support to ensure you are in an optimal position to sleep soundly. Noticing even the slightest movement, the SmartLife mattress will monitor your sleep vitals and patterns while supporting your best posture and adapting.

The SmartLife mattress will track specific elements essential to attaining quality sleep, like heart rate, body position, and frequency of movements, to provide a nightly sleep analysis. Monitoring and visualizing your sleep patterns will give you insight into what works best or doesn’t work for you in improving your sleep and knocking out bad habits. Knowing how much time you spend changing positions or how long you stay in REM sleep each night can help you take the necessary steps toward achieving many more healthy nights of sleep.

Adaptive Comfort Supported by Sleep Science

SmartCells powered by iOBed technology in the SmartLife mattress offers dynamic support for you and your partner. The left and right sides of the SmartLife system are independently customized – an attractive match for couples with drastic differences in their comfort preference or body type. With the touch of a button on the wireless remote, you can effortlessly change the SmartCells to feel soft on one side of the mattress while remaining firm, if preferred, on the other. The SmartLife app allows you to easily customize your firmness and view real-time pressure mapping within the mattress.

The uniquely versatile support system is designed especially for those with varying needs for total body comfort, improved health, and restful sleep.

The revolutionary technology from iOBed and SmartLife is ideal if you have been unsuccessful with other mattresses and need help healing the muscles and joints through recuperative sleep.

The SmartLife mattress is made for those who need deep, uninterrupted repose to heal the body through REM sleep and nutrient distribution. Conquer poor sleeping patterns with a SmartLife mattress for restorative nights that your mind and body have been missing. Find relief from tension, stiffness, pain, or discomfort with a SmartLife by King Koil mattress.

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