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What type of box spring should I buy?

What type of mattress box spring should I buy?

As Oregon’s top mattress retailer, with 11 showrooms in downtown Portland, Wilsonville, Salem, Beaverton, Clackamas and other convenient locations, our staff is always fielding questions about the latest developments in sleep technology. We advise our customers not to underestimate the importance of a quality box spring, which serves as the foundation of your bed and is essential to a good night’s sleep. Based on years of experience, the team at Mattress World Northwest knows that the right box spring is crucial to the comfort and support of your mattress set.

Your box spring is much more than just a resting place for your mattress–it also provides the stability needed for peaceful slumber. Box springs act like a giant shock absorber, and are designed to work in harmony with innerspring, hybrid, memory foam and latex mattresses made by top bedding manufacturers.

Over the years, mattress box springs have evolved into more thoughtfully-engineered foundations. Today’s varieties are rarely made with metal springs, but instead have a grid of steel modules that help evenly distribute body weight and extend the lifetime of your mattress. Other box springs are made entirely of wood, and are best suited for people that need a very firm surface with little give.

Most of the time, the foundation that comes with your new mattress is appropriate. Platform beds – which have gained popularity for their low-profile appearance – are the only type of bed that does not require a box spring, since the mattress lies directly on top of wooden slats. If you don’t have a platform bed, we offer these practical guidelines to help you select the right box spring.

How firm is too firm?

Keep in mind that latex and memory foam mattresses – known for their conformability– work best on super firm foundations. The majority of innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are more compatible with box springs that have some degree of give.

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Important considerations when selecting a mattress box spring:

  1. Box spring height –Your standard mattress foundation ranges from 5 to 9 inches in height. Given the popularity of deluxe pillow-top and hand-tufted mattresses, the standard 9-inch box spring can create a very high bed. If the mattress is already thick, and you prefer a reasonable height, a low-profile box spring is your best choice.
  2. Measurements – Standard mattress sizes are twin, full, queen, king and California king. The box spring that comes with the mattress will be sized accordingly, but pay special attention to the dimensions. If the foundation is for a queen or king sized bed, you may have difficulty maneuvering into your house through narrow doorways. For larger beds, it may be wise to buy a two-piece, or split box spring.
  3. Box spring features and materials – Manufacturers now make mattress foundations with a range of materials, which can vary greatly in quality and durability. Some are hypoallergenic, while others can help repel mold, dust and mites.
  4. Adjustable power bases – Adjustable foundations have come a long way over the years. Made by Stearns & Foster, Simmons and Leggett & Platt, among others, these innovations help alleviate problems associated with poor circulation, snoring and acid reflux. Engineered to deliver both therapeutic benefits and maximum comfort, adjustable power bases have settings for dual massages and a flexible design that allows for many positions and angles. With pre-programmed memory settings to raise your head, legs, or both, you’ll wake up rejuvenated after a long night of blissful sleep.

Best sleep experience

If you’re in the market for a new mattress box spring, our sleep specialists are on hand to answer all your questions and provide expert guidance. After all, we spend one-third of our lives in bed, so why not shop smart and come to Oregon’s leading mattress retailer. Swing by one of our Portland, Gresham, Canby, Beaverton, Happy Valley or Jantzen Beach stores for a comfort test today. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect box spring and mattress set that fits your lifestyle, health needs and budget.

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