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Where should I buy my mattress?

Best Place to Buy a Mattress? Go Local!

Congratulations on deciding to buy a new mattress – a wise investment for your health. Have you decided where you’ll be plunking down those hard-earned dollars on the latest and greatest in sleep technology? These days, you can purchase just about any product online with a few clicks on your cellphone, tablet or laptop. Despite this obvious convenience, is this really a smart move when it comes to mattress shopping? After all, we spend a whopping one-third of our lives sleeping—or at least trying to catch some restful slumber. Do you want to risk such a large investment on fancy buzzwords and dubious customer reviews? Mattresses, like many other things in life, are something that should be purchased in a real brick-and-mortar store: a place where you can actually lie down and try out an assortment of beds.

Here at Mattress World Northwest, our educated Sleep Specialists are here to answer questions, listen to your concerns and recommend our top models based on your preferences and budget. Try getting that sort of support and guidance online! In every one of our 15 Oregon outlets, you’ll get the opportunity to try out different brands and mattress styles. Wear comfortable clothes when you come, because we encourage you to bounce, sit, roll around and get horizontal while finding your dream mattress. Take an impromptu snooze if you like! By coming into a physical store, you can try before you buy. How else will you know if you – and your sleep partner– prefer the feel of latex over memory foam, or whether an adjustable base makes more sense?

Words cannot adequately describe the tactile difference between Cushion Firm and Plush, which is yet another reason to buy your mattress in person. Another advantage of purchasing in person rather than online is the helpful customer service. Confusing mattress terminology is explained, as you are treated to a positive, welcoming shopping experience. Plus there’s the instant gratification of picking out your  new bed and getting it delivered the very same day!

Whether you’re replacing a worn-out innerspring bed or want to indulge in a top-of-the-line hand-tufted mattress, you can rest assured your purchase is backed by our signature 90-day Mattress Comfort Guarantee. That’s right – you have three full months to decide if you are absolutely in love with your new sleep set up. If you’re not thrilled with the quality of your sleep, the exchange process is easy!

Here are a few more reasons to avoid online outlets and Big Box stores and shop at your local Mattress World Northwest.

Big Box stores pass the costs on to you

Big Box stores have a lot of overhead, which translates to higher prices for the customer. When you pay more for a mattress at a chain store, what are you actually paying for? You’re paying for their convoluted management tiers, their national advertising campaign, freight expenses and warehouse costs.

Chain store employees are usually focused on meeting monthly sales quotas, rather than focusing on customer service and satisfaction.

Lower overhead = better price points

Local mattress stores have a key advantage over big chain stores because of our direct relationships with local manufacturers. We buy our beds locally, and what we save in freight and shipping costs gets passed on to you, the customer. Big chains have to sell their beds for a higher overall price to make up for enormous freight costs, with mattresses often being shipped in from several states away. Local businesses have smaller ad budgets, lower warehousing and shipping costs, and management structures that are scaled down and efficient. What does this lower overhead mean? Savings for our valued customers!

Better customer experience

The best place to buy your new mattress is at a local store where you will be treated as the #1 priority and not just a number. For local businesses like Mattress World Northwest, every customer is important and treated like family. We don’t have the astronomical advertising budgets of the big chain stores, so good old-fashioned word of mouth is crucial for our business to grow and succeed. We are renowned for our courteous and attentive customer service that always goes the extra mile.

When you shop at a local, family-owned business, you can rest assured that the employees taking care of you have been with the company for years and often decades and will bring all of that priceless experience to customizing your sleep setup.

Contrast these advantages with larger, impersonal chain stores, where chances are good that the sales associates you deal with have minimal experience in the mattress industry.

Oregon’s most trusted mattress retailer

Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all, and what works for one person may lead to tossing, turning and back pain for another. You won’t know whether a mattress is the right fit for you unless you give it a test drive and take advantage of the one-on-one expertise that only our Sleep Specialists can provide.

If you’re ready to shop for a new bed, there’s no better place than Mattress World Northwest, where we offer free delivery, attractive financing options and a huge selection of latex, memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses by top brands.

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