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Adjustable Mattresses for Partner Snoring

Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night wishing you just had a mute button for something other than your television? Do I dare say – a magical mute button to turn off the noise from your partner snoring … Wouldn’t that be nice? See how an adjustable mattress for partner snoring can be a sleep (and relationship) saver!

You can’t seem to sleep because they snore, but what is the sound of a snore anyway? Snoring is merely an involuntary movement the body performs to help itself unblock a restricted airway. Though there can be many underlying causes, the vibration of tissues that make up a snore is most often caused by a narrowed or restricted airway of the sleeper.

wake up woman sleeping peacefully on a mattress and pillow

Reasons for Snoring

Chronic nasal congestion, upper airway inflammation, relaxed muscles, or having a large tongue or tonsils are just a few of the many reasons for occasional partner snoring. Undoubtedly, snoring will affect the sleep quality of the snoring individual by equally disrupting deep and REM sleep, two stages of sleep in which we heal our mind and body the most at night.

Even if you don’t snore yourself, dealing with the sound of your partner snoring in your shared sleep space can be a huge disruptor of falling and staying asleep, especially for the non-snorer. Snoring can potentially disrupt both sleepers from getting the good quality sleep that is needed to feel rested in the morning.

Many deny ever snoring, but medical data shows that nearly half of adults snore occasionally. Research has found that nearly half of men who snore from time to time wind up becoming habitual snorers. While only about a third of women end up with chronic snoring issues. Snoring can continue to progress into serious conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA is linked to several other health issues like depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Whether you snore or not, if you find yourself in a routine of sleepless nights followed by brain-fog-filled days, then snoring may be a cause for concern and affect your overall and long-term health.

Tempur-Pedic Sensors Detect When A Partner is Snoring

Sleep science has come a long way, and Tempurpedic is a trailblazer for innovative products with cutting-edge technology. Like Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Ergo ProSmart Adjustable Bed Base with noninvasive sleep monitoring sensors. This modern designed ‘furniture-style’ bed base features decibel frequency science to detect snoring.

SnoreResponse Mattress Technology

The ProSmart adjustable base utilizes SnoreResponse to detect only snoring sounds. Once snoring has been officially detected, the TEMPUR-Ergo ProSmart base automatically adjusts to raise your partner’s head into a less-restricted airway position. An elevated position is more suitable for almost anyone to allow for healthy breathing when narrowed airways or snoring can be an issue.

Not only does the ProSmart base utilize SnoreResponse, but it also tracks your sleep experience each night with the Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker-AI. The ProSmart base is a uniquely designed adjustable bed base featuring cutting-edge technologies that you won’t find on any other adjustable base.

Understanding what happens to you or your partner while you sleep, along with using other healthy sleep tools, can further help you or your partner reduce snoring and increase sleep quality. These tools will help:

Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker-AI

Individual nights of your personal sleep experiences are all wrapped into one. Including stats like heart rate, breathing rate, awake time, and duration of sleep phases. Providing an overall sleep score so you can track your progress to establish healthy routines, reduce snoring, and achieve sleep greatness. What a great way to know if your mattress is helping with your partner snoring and how your sleep is being affected or improved by your partner snoring.

ProSmart Sleep Cycle Alarm

Your personal sleep cycle alarm will automatically detect which phase of sleep you are in before waking you up. Resulting in an alarm that will only sound when you are in the phase of light sleep – the easiest to awaken from without feeling groggy.

WaveForm Massage

Prepare for Sleep and Destress in Bed are two of the featured ‘Wind Down’ programs on the Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker-AI app. Ultrasonic wave technology powers the ProSmart WaveForm Massage. Utilizing six subwoofers within the bed base itself to provide relaxing vibrations. Unlike your traditional massage bed base that essentially ‘rattles’ a metal plate within the base, this state-of-the-art version of massage is a much more pleasant sensation. Ultrasonic waves have been said to help stimulate blood flow through soft tissue penetration.

The TEMPUR-Ergo ProSmart Adjustable Bed Base is one of the most versatile bed bases on the market and can accommodate almost any size, including split king. A perfect size for couples who may have different sleep preferences, schedules, or issues like snoring. A split king allows you and your partner to have your own remote control for your side of the bed and dual customization within a king size. One sleeper can lift into a seated position to watch TV, read, or stop snoring. At the same time, the opposite side can just raise the feet for back pain relief and enjoy their time with out their partner snoring!

Are Adjustable Mattresses the Best to Reduce Partner Snoring?

An adjustable base allows just about any mattress to gain seemingly endless customization options to help tame your partner’s snoring or more easily achieve a better night’s sleep. Luckily, most mattress brands that are available today are adjustable base-friendly. Most mattresses are built to a standard to be durable enough to be lifted up and down for the duration of its lifetime.

An adjustable mattress and bed base can help reduce snoring sounds by raising the head and neck into a position more suitable for breathing easily for the sleeper who snores. An ergonomic lift toward the head of the mattress provides a slightly more elevated position of the head, neck, and shoulders. This way, gravity does not play as big of a role in narrowing, pulling (the tongue), or restricting the airway, which is usually caused by laying flat on your back to sleep.

Proper support, pressure relief, balanced weight distribution, and a lift at the pillow can lead to nourishing feelings of comfort and promote unsuppressed breathing. An adjustable mattress and base can be one of the best ways to help treat snoring on your own, along with the potential sleep deprivation that comes along with it.

Get Your Adjustable Mattresses

Stop Snoring

The Best Mattresses for A Snoring Partner

Mattresses that are the best for snoring are made to be more easily pliable and meant to be adjustable-bed-base friendly. This way the mattress can be lifted up or down throughout its lifetime without being warped or worn out prematurely. Mattresses with advanced or updated edge supports may also be more durable for an adjustable base, they are the best style of mattresses to help with your partner's snoring.

Unmatched Durability and Flexibility

Compared to other mattresses, latex mattresses like Posh+Lavish are made without any glues and are remarkably flexible, making them perfect for an adjustable base. Latex mattresses like the Reveal are undoubtedly some of the most durable mattresses available today and some of the best adjustable mattresses. Composed of natural materials, Posh+Lavish mattresses are simple but treasured luxury mattresses providing an abundance of comfort for your snoring partner. Combine that with a Bed Tech 3000 adjustable base to lift your head for snore reduction and partner snore control on the remote and via the Bed Tech app. The Reveal mattress has a medium feel – not too firm or soft – for couples who may have a different preference for comfort. Most sizes available include split head sizes.

Determining the Root Cause of Your Partner’s Snoring

When it comes to figuring out a solution for snoring without seeing a doctor, a mattress with an adjustable bed base is one of the best remedies to help cut down snoring. Finding the underlying cause by utilizing sleep trackers that will help you decipher which nights you are sleeping better or sleeping worse can also help you get down to the bottom of the issue. Lifestyle and physical anatomy can both play a huge role. But comfort and an ergonomic surface that fits your body to sleep can be hugely influential in diminishing snoring and reviving deep sleep.

Tempur-Pedic-Luxe Breeze Firm Mattress

Find Snoring Solutions at your Local Mattress Store with Mattress World North West

Visit a Mattress World Northwest location in your neighborhood for the perfect mattress for you that includes the best snoring solutions available today. Quitting snoring is just around the corner at Mattress World Northwest! Check out the best selection of adjustable bed bases like Tempur-Pedic ProSmart, TEMPUR-Ergo, and Bed Tech Adjustable bases.

Pair your adjustable base seamlessly with the latest TEMPUR-Adapt or Stearns & Foster luxury innerspring mattress. The best selection of natural latex mattresses, like Posh+Lavish, are waiting for you to try today. ‘Sleep Like a Baby’ and stop snoring- Visit your local Mattress World Northwest sleep shop today!

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