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Best Full-Size Mattress for Teens

A mattress is a very impactful product on your teen's physical and mental health. The full mattress your kids or teens sleep on can considerably affect their motivation and overall well-being. Sleep can even affect their mood and ability to manage emotions effectively throughout the day. Since sleep is so important, what is the best full-size mattress for teens?

As your teen approaches adulthood, they are reaching puberty, which can already cause some weird and awkward moments. Facilitating a good night’s sleep is one of the tools you as parents have to help regenerate your teen’s mental health and physical strength. And because health and sleeping well are key during the teenage years, the mattress you purchase for your growing teenager will be more noticeably significant in their day-to-day life.

Since most parents don’t shop for a mattress very often, it can leave even the most confident parents feeling easily apprehensive. Because mattress-buying circles around the idea of comfort, some parents and teens become hesitant during the decision-making process. With an overload of online marketing information about mattresses, it has become difficult to filter through the nonsense and get to what may be best for a teenage loved one.

Mattress brands supply a bounty of information about why their mattress is superior, often with little or no suggestions to identify which mattress is the proper fit for their specific needs, body types, and sleep preferences. All it takes is just one mattress-related internet search to have you followed by a constant inundation of mattress ads, coupons, or information, leading some teens to excitement but others reluctant before even setting foot inside a store.

Comfort is Intuitive

At Mattress World Northwest, we recognize that sleeping well and overall mattress comfort is not based solely on one specific aspect. Achieving consistently good sleep is multi-faceted, and there are many pieces to helping your teen sleep better, especially if other conditions such as scoliosis or insomnia are of concern. The right full-size mattress for your teen will help their lack of sleep by allowing them to relax more easily, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Deep sleep is very important to the trajectory of your teenager’s growing body, and, most importantly, “comfort” is specific to each individual person. How the mattress supports, feels, and fits the body while managing temperature is key to great sleep.

Mattress World Northwest can lend a hand in refining your options to find the best mattress for your teenager. Inside our locations are a curated selection of the best full-size mattresses for teens available on the market today. You will only shop for the best of the best at Mattress World Northwest!

Best Overall

Stearns & Foster Estate

  • Exclusive Intellicoil balanced support technology
  • TEMPUR-Indulge memory foam
  • Tencel cover that is silky, sustainably sourced, and breathable
  • Air vents prevent heat buildup inside your mattress
  • Available in firm, soft, or pillow top

Best Value

Serta Perfect Sleeper Cobalt

  • Triple-zoned coil system
  • Cool Twist gel memory foam keeps the heat at bay
  • CoolFeel fabric helps manage moisture
  • Antimicrobial mattress protection
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in firm, plush, and medium pillow top

Best for Support

TEMPUR-Adapt Luxe

A five-zone ergonomic layer offers complete support while cushioning curves and contours:

  • The ultra-responsive hybrid layer provides fast recovery from movements
  • TEMPUR-Material absorbs pressure
  • The hybrid version features 1,300+ premium double-stacked coils for unmatched durability
  • Available in firm, soft, and medium hybrid

Best for Side Sleepers

Beautyrest Black C Class

  • Zoned pocketed coil T3 technology enhances and targets support
  • BlackIce plant-based cooling technology keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Cashmere alpaca and silk comfort layers compliment BlackIce technology with breathability and humidity management
  • Available in medium pillow top and plush pillow top

Best Affordable Luxury

DreamCloud Premiere

  • Independent coil support system with extra edge support
  • Therapeutic gel memory foam with dual cooling
  • Dynamic transition layer
  • Breathable cashmere blend top cover
  • Forever warranty
  • 365-night home trial

Best Hybrid

Sealy High Point

  • Responsive coil technology moves independently to support, conform, and maintain airflow
  • DuraflexEdge coil increases durability along the sides of the mattress
  • ComfortSense gel memory foam is highly adaptable and disperses body weight evenly
  • SealyChill features cool-to-the-touch fibers and foams that reduce excess body heat
  • Available in firm or plush

Best for Balancing Body Temperature

  • Triple-zone coils targeting core body support
  • Edge-to-edge coils extend the sleep surface
  • Ultra comfort foam enhances cradling and pressure relief
  • GelFlex grid adapts instantaneously, alleviates pressure points, and boosts comfort

Best Bed-In-Box

BedTech Gel Comfort

  • iGel-infused memory foam keeps the mattress cool for undisturbed sleep
  • Open-cell foam material allows for breathability
  • Luxury removable, antimicrobial cover
  • Cotton rire retardant barrier
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in 8’’ profile (firm), 10’’ profile (medium), and 12’’ (soft)

Making the Final Decision for Your Teen’s Mattress

Since most people do not purchase a mattress for a teenager very often, meticulous research fuels the need to make the ‘right decision’ to improve sleep for their loved ones. Buying a full-size mattress for a teenager is not just purely shopping – it’s committing to a new mattress and the ability to sleep. After all, you will be very close to it for about a decade!

With much importance rightfully placed on this decision, consumers will go to great lengths to ensure that all the boxes are checked before making a final decision. Approximately 46% of shoppers will invest over 30 days to evaluate all options before buying a mattress. Others may decide more quickly, but more often mattress shopping becomes a lengthy process necessary to make an informed decision for your teen.

Longevity and comfort are the most important factors when considering any brand or mattress style. Kids and teenagers occupy a growing body, making support through proper posture equally important, especially for those who may have spinal curvature, scoliosis, or other sleep concerns like insomnia or narcolepsy.

There are about 16,000 places to shop for a mattress in the U.S. alone! With around 600 brands to choose from, it is no wonder most people find shopping for the best mattress to be a little bit daunting.

First, Visit Local Industry Experts

The industry sleep experts with countless experiences at Mattress World Northwest are available today to help you select the best quality full-size mattresses for teens. Our selection of top mattresses is displayed for you and your teen to see, feel, and test at your local Mattress World Northwest sleep shop.

Take the guesswork out of your mattress checklist. Mattress World Northwest locations display only the best quality brands and styles that will help you and your teen get the best sleep possible.

Shop today with top sleep specialists at locally owned Mattress World Northwest! The best place to see, feel, and experience only the finest selection of top-quality brands of full-size mattresses available in the Pacific Northwest.

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