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Elation Gold

Everyone wants an optimal night of sleep. With the Elation Gold mattress in Sealy’s Optimum series, you’ll enjoy comfort and support at its finest. Below the soft quilted top lays 2 inches of OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam — from edge to edge, corner to corner. Studies have shown that sleep quality improves when a comfortably cool body temperature is maintained, and this gel is 12 times better at conducting heat away from your body. Beneath, 4 inches of OptiSense® memory foam conforms snugly to your own unique shape and sleeping position. At the mattress’s core, 7 inches of Gel OptiCore® offers the deep-down, sturdy support your body needs so you can wake up the next day free of aches and pains. Place this luxury mattress on an Optimum® foundation or a Reflexion® adjustable base, and get ready for the best night of sleep you’ve ever experienced. Manufactured with pride in the USA.

Technology and luxury come together in the Elation Gold mattress in Sealy’s Optimum series. Made in the USA with OptiCool Gel from edge to edge, OptiSense memory foam and Gel Opticore.

Mattress Construction

  • Gel Memory Foam

Quilt Panel

  • OUTLAST® Phase Change Cooling Fabric

Comfort Layer

  • 2" OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam with OUTLAST® Gold
  • 4" OptiSense® Gel Memory Foam

Support Layer

  • 7" High Density Gel OptiCore

Your Choice Foundation

  • Optimum™ Foundaion
  • Sealy Reflexion® 4 Adjustable Base and UP Foundation


  • 10 Years

Built in USA

Invest In Your Health

- Darla O., Portland, OR

We clip coupons and look for sales, but one thing we don’t believe in skimping on is our mattress. Sealy’s Elation Gold is worth every penny we spent, because a good night’s sleep is so important when it comes to staying healthy. It feels substantial and luxurious, but more importantly, it’s nice and “squishy” while at the same time offering plenty of back support. I’ve suffered insomnia on lesser mattresses, but this one really helps me fall asleep and stay there, and wake up ready to take on the world! The salespeople at Mattress World Northwest did a great job of educating us on the models available to choose from, so we were extra confident that we made the right choice.

Among the Young at Heart

- Jake B., Canby, OR

My husband and I are getting on in years, which means we have our share of aches and pains, arthritis and stiffness. But we still like to stay active, and keep up with our grandchildren! One way we do this is to make sure we have the best mattress money can buy. We came to Mattress World Northwest and told them that we wanted the best, and they led us right to the Elation Gold. After checking out several others, we realized they were right. The foam is comfortable and conforming but not too soft. Kids keep you young at heart, but a good mattress keeps the rest of you feeling young too!