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Where you buy your mattress can make all the difference in your shopping experience, how you feel about your investment in the product, your satisfaction with how the mattress performs, and confidence that you if you are not satisfied, you will have ease of exchange and assistance finding the true mattress of your dreams.


Mattress World Northwest believes that shopping local is the only way to purchase something as important and personal as your mattress.  Here’s why…

Shop local to find your best mattress


The best place to buy your new mattress is at a local store where you will be treated as the #1 priority and not just as a number. For a small business like Mattress World, every customer is exceptionally valuable–we treat you like an individual, not as a fraction of a monthly quota. We don’t have the astronomical advertising budgets of the big chain stores, so word of mouth is crucial for our business to grow and succeed. Good word of mouth comes from courteous, fast, and attentive customer service that always goes the extra mile and gives the best value.


When you shop at a local, family-owned business, you can rest assured that the employees taking care of you have been with the company for years and often decades, and will bring all of that priceless experience to customizing your sleep setup. Contrast this to the larger chain stores, where the chances are high that the employees you deal with have only 3 months or less experience in the mattress business.


Lower overhead = savings for the customer

Local mattress stores have a key advantage over big chain stores because of our direct relationships with local manufacturers. We buy our beds locally, and what we save in freight and shipping costs gets passed on to you, the customer. Big chains have to sell their beds for a higher overall price to make up for enormous freight costs, with mattresses often being shipped in from several states away. Local businesses have smaller ad budgets, lower warehousing and shipping costs, and management structures that are scaled down and efficient. What does this lower overhead mean? Savings for the customer!


National chains and big box stores pass the costs on to you

A big box store is a large regional or national chain store that has dozens of locations. Their cost of doing business is extremely high– which translates to a higher cost for the customer. When you pay more for a mattress at a chain store, what are you actually paying for? You’re paying for their convoluted management tiers, which often include a “regional manager” making hundreds of thousands of dollars while using a huge travel budget to make the rounds of the territory. You’re paying for the exorbitant budget for the company’s national advertising campaign, for nationwide freight expenses, warehouse costs, etc. The top priority for employees at the chain stores is not your individual comfort and satisfaction with your mattress, but often just to meet sales quotas or win a sales contest. Employee turnover at big box stores is extremely high, which means if you come back to the store a month after your purchase with a complaint, the sales associate you dealt with may not even be there anymore!


Avoid buying online

When you purchase a mattress online, you gain a little in convenience, but you risk losing a lot when it comes to getting the best night’s sleep. There simply is no substitute for trying out a mattress in person. The internet is a great resource for doing mattress research before you come into the store, but you’re taking a big risk with your sleep if you rely completely on online customer reviews. Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all, and what works for one person may lead to tossing, turning and back pain for another. You won’t know whether or not a mattress is the right fit for you unless you give it a test drive and take advantage of the one-on-one expertise that only a veteran sleep specialist can provide.


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