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Nectar Mattress Technology

When you spend one-third of your life laying on something as essential for powering you through the day as batteries are to a flashlight, you ought to know what’s inside it. Nectar mattress technology uses a variety of premium memory foams that were previously too cost-prohibitive to produce in quantity. Nectar foams are certified CertiPUR-US, and Nectar hybrid models feature a layer of infinity loop steel coil springs sure to help you achieve the pinnacle of high-quality sleep night after night.

What Is A Nectar Bed?

Nectar mattress construction is designed to strike a perfect balance between having a soft, floaty, cushion-like feel and substantial spinal support. They are designed by a group of motivated sleep experts who want to provide great sleep using high-quality materials that are built to last. Nectar's founders want to make great sleep accessible for as many people as possible.

The Nectar team has innovated and designed a cutting-edge process for using memory foams and created one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces ever.

Inside Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress technology uses a layered approach in both memory foam and hybrid models. A cool-to-the-touch and custom-designed Tencel cover wraps each Nectar mattress and is made from wood pulp (a sustainable resource). The Nectar mattresses contain a range of different poly foams, from thicker foams that provide spine support to transition materials that cushion pressure points and support body weight to the top layer of the softest foams that effortlessly conform around all your points and curves. The depth of Nectar beds ranges from 12 inches for the Nectar Classic Hybrid and 14 inches for the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid.

Nectar Premier Copper layers showing nectar mattress technology

Nectar Mattress Materials

The cushiest layer in a Nectar mattress consists of a patented gel memory foam material. Underneath that lies a two-inch transition foam to further eliminate pressure points and help create the feeling of weightlessness that Nectar mattresses are known for. The seven-inch layer of firmer, more supportive foam ensures that your spine remains aligned and your hips and shoulders stay supported as you sleep through the night. All of the foams used in Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. The gel memory foam used in Nectar dissipates heat with remarkable efficiency and resists indentations after many years of use. Shop Here

Nectar Mattress Layers

There are five layers involved in Nectar mattress technology, and they all work together in harmony to ensure that you drift off to sleep comfortably. The layer closest to your skin is a soft Tencel knit cover. Underneath that is the soft quilted gel memory foam top layer, which provides support for your neck and back. The gel memory foam used in Nectar mattresses is known as “semi-lush,” giving Nectar that handsome balance between support and comfort that they are known for. This is an ideal softness level for most people, providing ample cushioning but not so much that it does not feel supportive or durable. Underneath the gel memory foam layers, Nectar uses an adaptive high-core memory foam, which provides support and stability for the mattress and your body. Even though it is inches from the pressure point areas on your body, the high-core foam is able to contour to those points with remarkable effectiveness. The base layer of a Nectar mattress is thick and dense with a 2.2ILD rating. ILD stands for “indentation load deflection” and is used to categorize mattresses from firm to soft.

Nectar Mattress Reviews

Nectar customers have shown their support by leaving thousands of 5-star reviews about the quality of sleep they now get with their new mattresses.
It can take time to pinpoint exactly what type of mattress you need, and buying online can feel daunting. Nectar is one of the highest-ranked bed-in-a-box mattresses; this comes as no accident. They achieve top marks in a number of important bed categories:

  • Durability: Customers report that Nectar mattresses last an average of seven to 10 years with normal use (abuse and mistreatment can considerably lessen that range).
  • Motion isolation: Nectar mattresses are ranked very high for motion isolation. People say that they have little to no interference with a partner shifting throughout the night and that the mattresses provide disturbance-free sleep for co-sleepers on different sleeping schedules.
  • Edge support: Edge support is how stable the mattress’s sides are, and poor edge support can cause you to feel as though you’re sliding off when you are either sitting on or lying near the side. Luckily, Nectar mattresses have been rated very highly in edge support, which makes every square inch of the mattress’s surface a suitably supportive place to rest.
  • Temperature: The gel memory foam used in Nectar mattress technology is not heat-trapping like the memory foams of yesteryear, and the Nectar copper line provides advanced cooling powers, providing additional relief for hot sleepers.
  • Spinal support: Customers rank Nectar highly as a great choice for back pain and discomfort.
  • Pressure relief: The ultra pillow-like foams used in the top layer of the Nectar mattress mean that you’re supported, including in the most important areas.
  • Price: Nectar mattresses are offered at a very affordable price point for the high-quality materials they possess.
  • Ease of setup: After experiencing the process of receiving and setting up a bed-in-a-box, many people say they will never go back to traditional mattress packaging.
  • Minimal off-gassing: Nearly all new items will have a new product freshness that is no different with your mattresses. It will have that fresh fabric smell upon opening. Any noticeable smell from a brand-new nectar mattress will be minimal and dissipate after a few hours. You can speed up the process by keeping the room well-ventilated and warm.
  • Warranty: What’s not to like about a Forever Warranty? Customers give Nectar two thumbs up on this.
  • Trial period: You have 365 days to decide whether it’s right for you. Everyone loves having the flexibility provided by the vastly extended trial period. Usually, 30 days is enough time for the mattress to break in and for you to decide whether it will work as you intended, but as we all know, life happens sometimes.

Memory Foam Mattress Longevity

Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular because they hold up so well after years of regular use, making them one of the most environmentally friendly options. A more durable mattress is better for both the planet and keeps more mattresses out of landfills. Saving a buck on a mattress that will only last for a couple of years before needing to be replaced is an expensive hassle that most people would rather not deal with. Many variables are involved in finding the perfect mattress, and Mattress World Northwest is here to help you decide. One thing that sets Nectar apart is their unique Forever Warranty, backed up by the quality behind Nectar mattress technology.

Nectar Hybrid Premier lifestyle mattress with Nectar mattress technology

Buying a Nectar Mattress

Buying a Nectar mattress from a retailer like Mattress World Northwest combines the best of both worlds. You benefit from the Forever Warranty and 365-day home trial that Nectar promises, plus the expertise of Mattress World Northwest’s knowledgeable sleep specialists.

Nectar benefits:

  • Nectar’s industry-leading Forever Warranty
  • 365-day home trial
  • The lofty, cushioned, yet supportive feel of every Nectar mattress
  • High-quality sleep and peace of mind about durability

Mattress World Northwest benefits:

  • Expertise of highly trained sleep specialists to help you make the right selection for you
  • The opportunity to try it out in a showroom before taking the plunge
  • Free white glove delivery of your new mattress to your home
  • Complimentary removal of your old mattress
  • The most competitive prices available and generous financing options

Try Nectar at Mattress World Northwest

The vast majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses are exclusively memory foam. However, Nectar hybrid models are available as a bed-in-a-box and are quickly becoming one of the most popular hybrid choices for people who appreciate the ease of a bed-in-the-box. At Mattress World Northwest, try out the full range of Nectar mattresses in each of our 25 showrooms throughout Portland.

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