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Serta Arctic Mattresses

Serta Bedding company is one of America's most trusted mattress brands and has pioneered comfortable sleep for over 90 years. Serta has revolutionized mattress cooling technology with the newest release of the Serta Arctic collection. With your choice of all-foam or hybrid mattress styles that offer superior comfort and temperature balancing capabilities. One of America's most trusted mattress brands, Serta, introduces premium Reactex phase change technology in their new line, including mattresses and pillows that will help balance temperature for warm and cold sleepers. Serta's latest innovations have perfected the science of comfort with highly effective technology that will provide lasting benefits of cool and refreshing sleep.

Serta Arctic Memory Foam

Serta Arctic introduces the Reactex System with enhanced climate and temperature control technology for your mattress. Each part of the triple-layer system is more cooling than the last, with 5x better cooling power when compared to other leading cooling mattresses. This high-tech temperature balancing feature offers a consistent ability to pull heat further away from the body and the surface of the mattress for undisrupted and refreshing sleep night after night. Reactex will assist in storing, absorbing, and releasing body heat through advanced phase change materials fused into the foam. If your body gets warm, it neutralizes or stores excess heat. Designed to keep you cool in the summer by pulling heat away while keeping you warmer in the winter by releasing it back to you.

Beneath the state-of-the-art Reactex cooling system is CustomFit HD memory foam, a highly adaptable comfort layer for all sleep positions and body types. Memory foam material will adapt to your shape and allow for relief where you need it by releasing pressure on the body’s curves while also maintaining support. Memory foam will cradle the hips and shoulders or any areas more susceptible to pressure points.

EverCool FuzeGel has been a staple in Serta bedding for many years and can be found in the Arctic collection. EverCool is a premium gel-infused memory foam that takes this cooling system to the next level to dissipate heat even on the warmest summer nights while adding another layer of pressure-relieving comfort. Peak Support Ultra HD memory foam is an ultra-high-density material found only in the finest memory foam mattresses and available in the Arctic Premier. Peak Support foam will help alleviate pain or tension in the muscles and help absorb motion for uninterrupted sleep from your partner moving. Peak Support material also relieves discomfort or pain by allowing proper circulation throughout the body. Peak Support memory foam material provides optimal support for a memory foam mattress, preventing you from sinking in too far. The specific combination of premium materials found in Serta Arctic makes for cozy and restful sleep customized with just the right balance of firm and soft, with the relaxed comfort your body craves. Serta Arctic memory foam mattresses are available in Plush or Firm comfort levels and can be a favorable option for side, back, or stomach sleepers of many body types. The unparalleled design of Serta Arctic mattresses will deliver consistently balanced sleep temperature while also managing pressure points and promoting ideal support and muscle relaxation.

Serta Arctic Hybrid

Serta Arctic Plush Foam The Arctic Hybrid models combine the cooling capabilities of the Reactex triple-layer system that helps manage the flow of heat energy, with added overall support from the Hybrid coil hybrid micro-coil found in the Premier models. Serta Arctic Hybrid also features reinforced sides from the BestEdge encasement to maximize your sleep surface area. The encasement enhances durability and support for edge sleeping or sitting on the mattress. With exceptional airflow and breathability, hybrid mattresses like the Arctic Hybrid have swept the market and have become one of the most popular designs available today. Hybrid mattresses integrate the comfort of memory foam with the well-known support of a traditional innerspring and are considered the best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses have become ideal for sleepers who prefer the feel and comfort of memory foam but want less of an ‘in the mattress’ feeling and the ability to move more freely.

Available in Medium or Plush Hybrid options, Serta Arctic hybrid mattresses provide the comfort and pressure-relieving power of an all-foam mattress with a system of independent coils for alignment of the back, hips, and shoulders. The independent coil system provides adaptive support for optimal alignment while increasing breathability and allowing you to change positions more easily. The Arctic Hybrid also features Deep Reaction HD memory foam. The high-density foam provides deep-down support and pressure point relief ideal for even weight distribution and increased circulation leading to comforting and rejuvenating sleep.

An Award-Winning Mattress Brand

Serta has perfected the art of sleep comfort and science for over 90 years with its innovative mattress creations designed and built in the USA. The latest release of the Serta Arctic collection with Reatex technology will outperform the leading bedding manufacturers in temperature regulation, keeping you overall up to 15x cooler. It’s no surprise that Serta has become the number one mattress manufacturer in America, specializing in quality innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. Many models have been awarded the Consumer Digests Best Buy for mattresses with ratings based on performance, construction quality, features, and efficiency.

Not only a highly rated mattress brand by consumers, Serta was also named Women’s Choice ‘Best Mattress and Pillow Brand’ for several consecutive years.

The Sertic Arctic collection offers promising cooling technology and embodies decades of research and development in sleep science and quality materials made for comfortably balanced sleep night after night.

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