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Best Massage Chair for Hip Pain Relief

50 million Americans are managing to live with chronic hip pain, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in July 2021. “Managing” is the key word here. Living with chronic hip pain can make it tough to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Persistent pain can slow day-to-day life and hinder the deep and restorative sleep that living beings, especially chronic pain sufferers, need to survive and thrive. Some can endure hip pain or discomfort more easily than others. Regardless of your pain tolerance, it can be physically and mentally exhausting to live with ongoing pain issues, especially if you lose sleep during the process.

Owning an in-home massage chair is a comforting and peaceful way to help relieve hip pain. Don’t be intimidated by the process of finding the best massage chair for you. Mattress World Northwest locations are prepared to have questions answered. It’s your time to set foot on the path to pain relief and improve your quality of life!

Chronic Pain

According to the CDC, about 20% of the American population suffers from chronic body pain. About 30% to 36% experience chronic upper or lower limb pain, hips included. Unfortunately, this debilitating pain can limit daily motivation, function, and productivity, especially in social settings. This pain can undoubtedly diminish enjoyment and quality of life.

Causes of Hip Pain

Common causes of chronic hip pain involve muscle tightness or trigger points, pinched nerves, and arthritic conditions that can cause pain, swelling, and tension around the hip joint and surrounding muscles. Hip pain related to muscle tension or bursitis that involves our bone and joint cushioning is a common form of upper limb chronic pain, along with back pain and lower limb pain.

Muscle Tension and Trigger Points

Tight, sore, and stiff feeling muscles often contribute to experiencing hip pain if not associated with a condition such as arthritis or an existing injury. The “deep six” is a group of lateral rotator muscles surrounding and connecting our pelvic and femur bones. This group of powerful muscles gives our body the flexibility and function to move, run, walk, or sit while providing stability to our hip joints by keeping them, so to speak, “ball inside the socket.” As you use and sometimes abuse your muscles from intense activity, you may experience soreness or pain from tight or inflamed muscles and fascia. This is known as myofascial tension. The fascia is a thin webbing of connective tissue that surrounds nearly every square inch and organ inside our body. If left untreated, tight or dehydrated fascia surrounding the muscles can lead to worse conditions like muscle knots, spasms, and chronic pain.

Massaging is a promising way to jumpstart the process of achieving back, leg, and hip pain relief.

A massage in a massage chair like the OHCO R.6 can soothe muscle tightness and release myofascial tension.

Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve starts when a muscle or soft tissue presses on a nerve causing sensations such as weakness, soreness, sharp pain, burning, or tingling in the affected area. A pinched nerve in the hip or pelvic area can cause severe and debilitating pain that can often spread down the legs and feet, similar to sciatica pain. Pinched nerves are often caused by:

  • Sedentary or inactive lifestyle (extended sitting)
  • Carrying excess body weight
  • Bone spurs
  • Muscle tension/strain
  • Pregnancy
  • Herniated/bulging discs
  • Arthritis


Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions that cause hip pain. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease linked to the wear and tear of our joint cartilage, like between our hip and knee joints. This disorder can cause stiffness, swelling, and pain in the hips, lower back, and glute muscles. Some may describe osteoarthritis pain as similar to the unrelenting discomfort associated with sciatica low back pain as it reaches through the legs and sometimes feet.

Common Symptoms of Osteoarthritis and hip pain:

  • Hip joint/muscle pain
  • Spasms
  • Lower back/Sciatica pain
  • Limping when walking
  • Feeling stiff/sore/achy
  • Immobility/inflexibility

As our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage become stressed and worn from movement, the internal soft tissues surrounding the hip joint can tighten or become inflamed. Tense, swollen muscles and soft tissue can cause hip pain, achiness, and distress.

Reinvigorating and fresh blood flow from massage therapy can unquestionably impact the affected area, like your hips, for the better.

Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers, or “feel good” hormones. This releases vital nutrients and endorphins into the bloodstream, encouraging holistic renewal and relief of the muscles and other tissues. A therapeutic remedy like this will set you on a path to accomplish pain relief and provide you with a sense of well-being.

Benefits of Hip Massages

The hips are known as our body's "wonderworks of flexibility." Our hip and pelvic area are distinguished as our second highest weight-bearing joint in the body, second to our knee joints. Our hips carry the brunt of our initial body weight, partnering with our knees to support us steadily throughout our day. When the soft tissues, like muscles and tendons, surrounding our joints become inflamed or tight, the steady support that our hips offer our bodies will gradually or rapidly diminish. Soft tissue tightness, inflammation, and a lack of blood flow and nutrients will leave us in a world of pain, discomfort, and immobility.

Boosted Blood Flow and Muscle Tension Release

Regular use of a massage chair, like the Panasonic MA73, can help treat and alleviate unwanted hip pain associated with a hip injury, such as a hip pointer, arthritic conditions, and sciatica pain. Massages will liberate restricted fascia by boosting blood flow and releasing unrelenting tightness to stimulate muscle and soft tissue pliability.


Flexibility comes with its own set of benefits. It is a key element of a healthy body less susceptible to injury. Revive yourself with a daily treat of massage rejuvenation in your massage chair, like the Brio+ massage chair, to develop agility and wellness. Loosening muscles and enhancing blood flow from a massage chair will help keep your body limber and resilient while improving the body’s ability to regenerate and heal with endorphin release.

How to Choose the Best Massage Chair for Hip Pain

The massage chairs on display at Mattress World Northwest also come with industry-leading warranties and are available to try at any of our showrooms. Some of the higher-end massage chairs come with all the bells and whistles, like body scanning technology with the Brio Sport for a life-like massage and aromatherapy diffusing headrest on the OHCO M.8.

For the best massage chair for hip pain, make sure to look for chairs with an ideal combination of features:

Deep Tissue Kneading

Hip pain, whether associated with an existing medical condition or not, can be treated with soothing deep tissue massage therapy that will knead away muscle knots, relax muscles, and release restricted fascia. Premium massage chairs come with advanced technology and heated massage rollers, like the Positive Posture Brio Sport massage chair.

Heated rollers will mimic the touch of a professional hand to deliver a human-like massage in all the right places to ease your unrelenting hip pain.

Compression Air Bag Massage

Compression therapy is a great way to renew the muscles and restore circulation in painful areas. Compression therapy involves the massage chair utilizing airbags powered by a compressor within the inner mechanics of the chair. The best massage chairs for hip pain are equipped with 40 to 50 individual airbags, like the Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair, to supply a full body compression massage with customizable soft or firm intensity and the ability to target the hip area specifically.

Heat Therapy

Ice to heat therapy is the remedy for healing that doctors recommend and many others believe in. Heat will ultimately help speed up the recovery process of an existing injury or painful compromised area. Applying a cold compress can then help decrease swelling or inflammation. When it comes to a massage chair, airbags will serve as a natural anti-inflammatory to coax away stale blood and swelling out of the muscles and allow new blood to enter and revive sore or painful muscle groups like the pelvic muscles. Newly found blood flow to the areas of pain will help your body restore nutrients, distribute natural pain-killing endorphins, and decrease inflammation. Combining the proven treatment of total-body applied heat with compression therapy is a recipe for pain relief and blissful comfort.

Shop Local and Family Owned for a Massage Chair

A massage a day could be a natural way to help keep the doctor away by harmonizing your mind and refreshing your body. Mattress World Northwest strives to provide professional and genuine customer service by keeping your needs in mind and your best interest at heart. Easy financing with low monthly payment options will make purchasing your massage chair a breeze. Plus, free local delivery means easy setup after the chair arrives at your home.

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