MWNW-Sealy-Hybrid3 Have you ever wondered why you lay awake at night and can’t ever seem to get comfortable? Tossing and turning for minutes even hours waiting to finally doze off. Most people blame themselves or just think they just don’t sleep well. Studies show it may be your mattress that truly holds most of the problem.
Memory foam provides excellent support but was also originally developed for increased pressure relief, and in turn has been proven to reduce tossing and turning when used as a sleeping surface. Memory foam can help stimulate circulation in the body while lying down. Getting to relax more often in bed can help decrease stress, and can aid in speeding the healing process. Proper alignment and comfort can also give your body the relaxation it needs to get into a deeper level of sleep called R.E.M.
Latex Rubber foam has also been used and proven to help reach these deeper levels of sleep that everyone needs. Latex is a hypo-allergenic support system that, like memory foam, can also come in all levels of firmness. Latex is made with natural materials and has a “weightless” type of feel compared to other foams.
Through comprising different layers of “support” and “comfort” throughout the mattress, latex and memory foam can both be used to help increase total body rejuvenation through proper sleep habits. Getting R.E.M. sleep stimulates cell renewal in the skin which can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. The longer increments of time you are able to stay in deep sleep, your body gets more chances to release necessary hormones into the blood system. These hormones promote a balanced appetite, and can help make you wake up feeling alert and ready to start the day.
If you have ever woken up after a long night’s sleep but still felt tired, then you probably got little to no actual deep sleep. Many people suffer from sleep deprivation, and don’t even understand why they feel so tired and achy. Sleep deprivation causes you to feel aches and pains more deeply because there was not proper soft tissue repair during the night.
The right sleep surface can promote health and speed the healing process. A foam mattress gives you the best tool to provide deep, uninterrupted sleep, night after night. It’s not just a foam mattress anymore. It’s what you body needs. Real sleep, because you live a Real life.


-Emerald Oswalt
Sleep Specialist Mattress World Northwest


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