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OMI Naturals Mattresses

OMI's Naturals Mattress Line

More than a third of Americans have purchased some type of “organic” or “natural” product for their homes. The Naturals mattress collection by OMI stems from consumer research studies to develop a sleep surface with the characteristics people want most. The mattresses are made using the highest-quality components, hand-crafted for your comfort in a 100% organic factory in Northern California. Like the OrganicPedic mattresses, all nine models in the Naturals collection are certified as all-natural, sustainably-sourced and petroleum-free.

The Sleep Specialists at Mattress World Northwest are pleased to offer the OMI Naturals line of healthy mattresses deriving from natural, organic and environmentally-friendly sources. Customers generally like these mattresses not only because they closely align with their personal values, but also because they outlast standard mattresses by up to five years, they limit motion transfer as partners shift position in bed, and they breathe better for a cooler night’s rest.

OMI Naturals features

All OMI Naturals mattresses come with:

  • Healthy natural materials: These OMI mattresses are made from high-density, all-natural, non-blended, petroleum-free latex. All products have attained the GreenGuard GOLD certification standard.
  • Best-of-class covers: The three layers of comfortable knitted organic cotton have high-gram weight, four-way stretch, and exceed in durability. The Arria and Tahlia lines feature organic wool quilting for superior temperature regulation.
  • Fire barrier: You needn’t worry about fire safety with these natural mattresses. OMI uses an innovative process of wrapping pre-compressed organic cotton around pre-compressed organic wool to pass California’s fire regulation standards, without use of chemicals.
  • Hand-crafted in the USA: You can feel good about making a purchase that supports your national economy and the Pacific Northwest by opting for mattresses made under humane conditions by artisans in America.

OMI Naturals models

The OMI Naturals beds vary by depth, comfort level and supportive firmness, depending on your preference:

  • The Bellezza (EXTRA FIRM): Looking for the firmest sleep surface? Get 6 inches of extra-firm latex, plus 1 inch of firm latex to lie upon. This also happens to be the most affordable model offered in the OMI Naturals line.
  • The Freza (EXTRA FIRM): For the perfect marriage of support and comfort, try the 6 inches of extra-firm latex topped with 1 inch of firm latex, topped with a removable 3-inch extra-soft pillow top.
  • The Damaris (FIRM): Like The Freza, The Damaris also gives you an optional 3-inch extra-soft pillowtop, but this model features 8 inches of firm latex (rather than extra-firm), so the core is a little less rigid overall.
  • The Splendore (MEDIUM FIRM): Get 6 inches of medium-firm latex and 2 inches of firm latex.
  • The Arria (MEDIUM FIRM): This medium-plush mattress comes with 6 inches of medium-firm latex, 2 inches of firm latex and a removable 3-inch extra-soft pillowtop cover.
  • The Radiance (PLUSH): This mattress is considered “plush” with 6 inches of medium-firm latex and a 2-inch medium latex topper.
  • The Mila (PLUSH): Dive into an extra-plush sleep experience with 6 inches of medium-firm latex, topped with 2 inches of medium latex and a removable 3-inch extra-soft pillowtop cover.
  • The Tahlia (PLUSH): Plush lovers get 6 inches of medium-firm latex, topped by 2 inches of medium latex and a removable 3-inch extra-soft pillowtop cover.

Also check out the OMI Naturals extra-soft, 3-inch pillowtops to add on another layer of cloud to your OMI Naturals mattress of choice or to enhance the comfort of your existing sleep surface and give the brand a test-drive!

Also, if you and your partner differ on the type of comfort and support you prefer, then ask to see OMI’s OrganicPedic line, which offers individual customization options for each side of the bed and different zones from the head to the foot of the mattress.

Try the OMI Naturals line at Mattress World Northwest

For Portland’s best selection of natural organic latex mattresses, stop by one of the 11 Mattress World Northwest locations in the area. The Sleep Specialists in our locally owned and operated mattress store are second-to-none! They provide objective information and assistance, but give you the space and the freedom to lay down on the mattresses for as long as you need. With our fantastic selection of different materials, brand names and constructions, you are guaranteed to find your optimal night’s rest here.

If health and sustainability matter to you, check out the OMI Naturals line of mattresses at Mattress World Northwest to discover new levels of comfort that enhance your sleep and your health.

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