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OrganicPedic Mattresses

Best OMI OrganicPedic Mattresses

If you’re looking for the purest, greenest possible mattress, OMI OrganicPedic mattresses, made in “the nation’s only large-scale 100% organic factory,” might fit the bill. The beautiful hand-crafted mattresses are made from all-natural, sustainably sourced materials in a smoke, fragrance and cruelty-free environment.

OrganicPedic mattresses are praised for their comfort options, wide range of styles and prices, and motion isolation. Customers love OMI OrganicPedic mattresses for the wide range of customization opportunities, including the ability to change individual zones within the mattress, which is great for couples who share different views of personal comfort. Latex mattresses typically outlast other mattress styles by 1-5 years, which is another reason to consider the OMI OrganicPedic line.

OMI OrganicPedic features

All OMI OrganicPedic mattresses come with:

  • Global Organic Latex Standards Certification: Third party auditors ensure that all OMI OrganicPedic mattresses are derived from organic latex sap with known sources and suppliers committed to purity throughout the supply chain. Environmental practices to reduce, reuse and recycle waste have been used in the making of each mattress, with quality-control systems in place to ensure a safe working environment. Chemicals used to process the latex have been identified and minimized.
  • Organic Eco-Wool™ with Organic Cotton Knit Cover Fabric: Eco-Wool comes from sheep that graze in Northern California’s most optimal pastures, supplemented with organic feed, and treated humanely. This trademarked wool blend is shorn from eight different types of sheep for better resiliency and softness that “feels like butter.” All material has been lab-tested and is free from pesticides, bleach, dyes and other harmful chemicals.

OMI OrganicPedic models

The models vary by the surface, firmness and depth:

  • Midori: For customers who want a contemporary, low-profile mattress at an affordable price, the Midori offers a 7-inch piece of medium-firm 100% natural rubber latex with a flat surface.
  • Classic: Want a mattress that you can lay on top of, rather than sink down into? The Classic model gives you a classic innerspring mattress with 8 inches of depth and a flat surface. Choose from a variety of coil counts to customize your firmness level. Cotton canvas coil wraps limit motion transfer.
  • Cascade: Customize your sleep preference, with the Cascade’s unique construction featuring 7.5 inches of organic natural rubber latex with a sculpted medium-firm surface on one side and a firm flat surface on the other.
  • Fusion: Not sure if you want innerspring or latex? The Fusion gives you the best of both worlds with a flat surface, sturdy innerspring core and double-sided, supportive latex cushioning for a 10-inch mattress that exceeds your expectations.
  • Flora: The Flora is OMI’s best-selling mattress, which gives you a flat surface with three layers of medium-firm 100% natural rubber latex surrounding three inches of firm latex at the core, for a total height of 8 inches.
  • Flora Nouveau: Choose from medium-firm or plush with this flat-surface 100% natural rubber latex mattress featuring the same 3-inch firm core topped with two layers of 2-inch soft latex providing sumptuous comfort.
  • Lago and Lago Nouveau: Looking for something a little more cushy? Try the Lago’s medium-firmness, sculpted surface and 10-inch depth. Inside, there’s a 6-inch firm core of 100% natural rubber latex, surrounded by 3.5 inches of soft latex. The Lago Nouveau is essentially the same mattress, with an extra half-inch of height.
  • Terra: The most discerning customers often love the Terra, an epic 12-inch mattress comprised of a 3-inch natural rubber latex core, two inches of medium-firm latex on the top and bottom, and a removable 3.5-inch plush pillowtop that is also comprised of 100% natural rubber latex, but offers sleepers the choice of a flat or a sculpted surface.
  • Duo: Another high-end model, the Duo allows you to customize the mattress to your personal preferences by encasing three layers of natural rubber with varying firmness levels and wrapped in organic cotton sleeves that prolong the life of your mattress.
  • 81: The top-of-the-line model takes the concept of luxury to new heights with 14 inches of comfort and 18 interchangeable layers of natural rubber latex. Sleepers can add or remove padding on each side of the mattress and in different zones from the head to the foot of the bed for a truly customized experience.

Also, if you are shopping for healthier options for the littlest members of your family, be sure to ask about the reasonably-priced OMI OrganicPedic youth models, which include: twin-sized, twin XL, crib, and bassinet mattresses.

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