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No Credit Needed!

No Credit Needed!Mattress World also has NO CREDIT NEEDED! leasing through Progressive Leasing. Despite having less than stellar credit, everyone deserves a chance to sleep comfortably. At Mattress World Northwest every customer has the opportunity to get their hands on a great mattress without the obstacle of budget.

The best part of the process is our tools are engineered to simplify everything. There’s a payment estimator that provides everything from total cost of the full term lease to 90 day buyout amounts.

Progressive provides purchasing power for you even with poor credit. And we won’t damage your credit report with an inquiry. Loan decisions are based on your 3 month checking account and income history.


  • Instant approval up to $3,000
  • Applying will not affect credit score.
  • 12 months to pay, with no interest for the first 90 days. Early buyout options also available.
  • Pick out what you want, only $49 due when you sign up
  • Low regular payments, automatically debited from checking account

What you need to apply:

  • Social security number or ITIN
  • Employment or income information
  • Checking account and routing numbers
  • Debit or credit card
  • Government issued ID
  • Be 18 years or old

To get started choose the Mattress World Northwest store nearest you:

Credit applications through Progressive are specific to the store in which you choose to purchase. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the interest for this program?

A: This program is different from typical interest or APR because it is a lease contract. So if you pay your balance off within 90 days, all you pay is the total of the merchandise + $49. After the 90 days, Progressive will give you an early buyout discount of 35% off your remaining balance, which includes interest.

Q: Will I get approved without a social security number?

A: Progressive does ask for a social to verify identity, but also accepts an ITIN number.

Q: Will Progressive check my credit report and will I get approved with poor credit?

A: Progressive decides to loan based on a checking account for three months and a steady income, so yes even those with poor credit will get approved! This will not even show up as an inquiry on your report.

Q: Where do I mail my payment? Can I pay online or by phone?

A: Payments will be debited out of your checking account automatically on your due date. You can also call Progressive to process a telephone payment at 877-898-1970.

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