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Mattress World Northwest Cornelius

136 N 20th Ave.
Cornelius, OR 97113
Phone: 503-530-8995
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10am-7pm Monday - Sunday

Choosing a mattress is easy at Mattress World Northwest’s Cornelius, Oregon store. Find us in the Cornelius Gateway Plaza on 20th Avenue, right near where Baseline and Adair streets merge. Enter the parking lot on 20th Street and drive around behind the building to find us!

Our Cornelius location is accompanied by Casa Lola Kitchen De Mexico, and Great Northwest Ice Cream Company, Great Clips, and a Zoom Care urgent care center. A parking lot separates our building from the Fred Meyer grocery store. 

We also have our nearby Northwest Hillsboro location and many more store locations in Oregon. If you’ve noticed sagging in the middle of your mattress and visible indentations long after you’ve arisen in the morning, it is probably reaching the end of its lifespan. Back pain, neck pain, or frequent waking in the night are other signals, such as with slipping off the side when you sit on the edge. 

Mattress World Northwest Cornelius has the largest selection in the Northwest, carrying mattresses, bases, and bedding accessories from top brands like:

And more…

Choosing the Right Mattress

There are a number of different factors that you need to consider when choosing a new mattress, and the sleep specialists at Mattress World Northwest in Cornelius will take each into consideration and guide you to the perfect fitting bed.

  • Your body type: While most mattresses are basically the same shape, they are not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. What feels comfortable on a petite person may not be comfortable for someone of a larger stature. One of the most crucial components to a mattress’s ability to help you sleep comfortably is its ability to keep your spine aligned and your pressure points cradled. Children or petite sleepers will likely find that a softer mattress enables them to sink into the layers more effectively. The Beautyrest Black K-Class LL Ultra Plush Pillowtop is a fantastic option for petite side sleepers. Heavier sleepers or larger-framed people will not find enough support from a plush mattress and should opt for something on the firmer side for both proper spinal alignment and the longevity of the mattress.
  • Your sleep style: Are you a side sleeper? A back sleeper? Or a stomach sleeper? A hot sleeper? Back sleepers will typically find that a mattress that is medium-firm will best support their spine and keep it properly aligned. Side sleepers, who make up about 75% of the population, will want something a bit softer to allow their shoulders and hips to sink more deeply into the comfort layers. When sleeping on your stomach, your hips can sink down, so a firmer mattress will keep them supported and keep your spine aligned. Make sure to try them out in-person at our Cornelius location. Hot sleepers will benefit from a mattress with advanced cooling powers like the Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze.
  • Memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring: If you or your partner are on different sleeping schedules, you should consider a memory foam, gel, latex, or hybrid mattress like the Purple Rejuvenate Premier. These types of materials have superior motion absorption, and the jostling caused by stirring on one side of the bed will not transfer to the other. They are especially useful for light sleepers who could be awakened by the slightest movement.
  • Budget and lifestyle: The cost of mattresses can vary rather widely depending on the brand, size, and materials used. There is also a large range in the projected lifespan of mattresses. Some less expensive memory foam mattresses can start to degrade and break down in as little as one to two years. A high-quality latex like the Posh + Lavish Reawaken Flex Head can last for 15 to 20 years before degrading. Given the range in durability and cost of replacing a mattress that has expired prematurely, we recommend that you get a mattress that is on the higher end of your budget range. In the long (or not so long) run, spending more for higher quality materials and craftsmanship will pay for itself.
  • Size and shape of bedroom: A king-size bed takes up a considerable amount of space at 80” X 76”, so it will likely make a smaller room feel cramped and difficult to maneuver or fit additional furniture in. Conversely, a small mattress may look lost in a large and spacious room. Additionally, if you have a loft bed that is closer to the ceiling, pay attention to mattress thickness, as each additional inch will decrease your headroom above the bed. Boats and RVs often fit full-size mattresses.
  • Single or multiple sleepers: Nearly every mattress is available in sizes twin through king. Specialty sizes like twin XL, California king, and split-head designs are widely available as well. Though two people can sleep on a full size, it may feel cramped for many people. Queen/king sizes are typically preferred for co-sleeping, either with kids or pets. Smaller sizes, like twin or full, are comfortable for children, teenagers, and solo sleepers.
  • Sleep disorder or special considerations: People who suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea will benefit tremendously from having an adjustable base that allows them to elevate their head and neck. Adjustable bases are becoming the new norm as more and more people appreciate the health benefits and convenience, which is why we offer these to try out in person at our Cornelius location. Those who have allergies should strongly consider the hypoallergenic latex line from Posh + Lavish.

With so many options out there nowadays, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right mattress that you will sleep soundly on and will last you for many years.

Mattress Experts

People who want to sleep well in Cornelius, Oregon, can rest easy because the experienced and honest sleep specialists at Mattress World Northwest have many years of experience and a track record with customer satisfaction that is second to none. The staff here will greet you cheerfully, listen closely to your needs, and help you decide on the perfect bed for your lifestyle and budget. Our showroom carries one of the widest selections of mattress types in America, giving you the chance to take them all for a test drive.

Best Mattress Shop Near Me in Cornelius

For expert mattress advice and the best mattress deals in Cornelius, look no further than Mattress World Northwest. Our unbeatable selection of mattresses available both to try in the showroom and shop online means that you never need to worry about being pigeonholed into a small selection, as can happen at other mattress stores.

Our Cornelius location has been a place where people can find blissful sleep, custom-tailored comfort, and fiercely competitive deals.

Our certified sleep specialists will carefully consider your individual needs and provide you with the perfect mattress that makes you wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day. Stop by today and let us help you start having perfect sleep tonight.

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