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Mattress World Northwest Gresham

1160 NE Burnside
Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 907-0296
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10:00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday - Saturday
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Mattress World Northwest Gresham

Our Gresham, Oregon, showroom has the largest range of mattress options available for you to try out in person and the best deals in the Northwest (with multiple locations, including our nearby Glisan location). We carry a wide variety of mattresses for you to try, in all sizes and types, like memory foam, latex, hybrid or innerspring. From sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors to bases, we’ve got everything you need to get great sleep!

Shopping for a mattress in Gresham is a cinch with Mattress World Northwest. Our store location is conveniently situated on NE Glisan Street in Portland, Oregon. We are just a short distance away from the E. 122nd Avenue MAX station near Party City, Autozone, and the Pig-N-Pancake restaurant. For a fun and informative mattress shopping experience that is sure to exceed your expectations, come see us at our showroom today!

What To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Mattresses are not one size fits all! What has you purring like a kitten might be a totally different vibe than the mattress your neighbor gets her best ZZZs on. Choosing the best mattress pretty much boils down to your personal preference, sleep style, body type, lifestyle and budget.

  • Sleep style: Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Side sleepers make up 75% of the population in America, and it’s a sleeping position that provides relief from a variety of discomforts. Side sleepers typically find mattresses that are on the plusher side to be more comfortable, as they allow your hips and shoulders to sink in, keeping your spine aligned. In terms of popularity, back sleepers come next. The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Soft Euro Top is a popular choice for side sleepers in Gresham. Back sleeping is often the most comfortable position for people, and we often lie in bed on our backs when watching movies or reading in bed. Back sleepers will typically find that a medium-firm mattress keeps their hips elevated and their spine aligned, allowing their shoulders to sink into the comfort layers just enough to provide a cushion. Stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress to avoid having their hips sink too low, which could put pressure on their spine and cause back pain.
  • Hot/cold: Do you often wake up covered in sweat throughout the night? Or are you finding yourself curled up in the fetal position, shivering yourself awake? When we sleep, our hormones go through major changes, and this can cause fluctuation in our body temperature, which the right mattress can help compensate for. The Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze one of the coolest mattresses on the planet, and hot sleepers have been getting their most undisturbed, restful nights of sleep on them.
  • Budget: Traditionally speaking, the larger the mattress you need, the more expensive it will be. Keep this into account when deciding on your budget and when choosing which type and size mattress to get. Memory foam mattresses come in a huge range of prices. The lower priced mattresses are typically made with more porous foams that don’t hold up as well to years of regular use as do the foams of a higher density. Traditional innerspring mattresses also come in a range of sizes. Hybrid mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, as they combine the best of both worlds of innerspring bounciness and body-hugging memory foam. They are typically priced slightly higher than either innerspring or memory foam alone. Latex mattresses are among the more highly priced mattresses, but given that they can last for 20 years, the higher upfront cost is quickly outweighed by the savings in replacement costs.
  • Primary or occasional use: Will the mattress be your primary mattress at your home in Gresham, or is it for a guest room, RV, or boat? If it’s seldom used, a mattress of lower quality will hold up longer than it would be as a daily driver. If the mattress is going to be your primary sleep surface, you are advised to get the best quality you can afford to maximize its lifespan.
  • Room size: Smaller bedrooms or sleeping quarters may not fit a king or queen size bed well while leaving enough room to walk around, close the door, or fit other furniture. Take your room dimensions into account before heading into the store! On the flip side, a twin or full-size mattress may end up looking a little lost in a large and spacious bedroom.
  • Co-sleep or solo sleep: Co-sleeping or solo sleeping will also dictate not only the size of bed you need but will affect the type. Couples may find that sleeping on a full is a bit cramped, and most opt for queen or king size. If you share your bed with pets or children, you will appreciate having the extra space. When sharing a bed, it is more difficult to find the perfect feel for both people, and often couples will have to meet in the middle somewhere when it comes to softness. The Instant Comfort Smart Bed is one of the best options for couples whose preferences lie somewhere on opposite ends of the spectrum, and the Smart Bed Q9 offers 45 different comfort settings that can be controlled independently from side to side. Co-sleeping also can influence the material you choose to go for. Motion-absorbing materials such as those used in the Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt can minimize the risk of waking due to the potential jarring caused by another person in bed.
  • Age of sleeper: Younger children, teens, and single adults are often comfortable on twin and full-size mattresses. Adjustable bases are becoming the norm for all individuals these days, but are especially handy for elderly people and those dealing with mobility issues. Having a bed with a high-quality adjustable base like the popular BedTech 6500 in the house makes sleeping with the occasional injury, like a broken bone, tremendously easier. Mattress World Northwest Gresham sells the highest quality and most reliable adjustable bases on the market.
  • Body type of Sleeper: Petite or small-framed people often find plusher mattresses to be more comfortable, as they may not be able to really sink into the comfort layers of a firmer mattress. On the same coin, tall or larger-framed people will find that a firmer mattress keeps their spine aligned and will last longer with regular use. Heavier people should opt for denser memory foam (not the less dense ones found in cheap memory foam mattresses) and thicker mattress profiles to keep their mattress supportive and extend its lifespan. In regards to mattress size, petite people will fit comfortably on just about any mattress size. People who are 6 feet or taller might find that a queen and king size accommodates their length more comfortably than a smaller size. The California King is the longest mattress at 84 inches, which is 4 inches longer than the standard king or queen. It is the best size for really tall people!
  • Allergies or sleep disorders: Latex mattresses are highly preferred by those who suffer from allergies. Bed bugs, mites, mold, and mildew all find the material to be inhospitable. Because the material is naturally derived from the Brazilian rubber tree, it is more natural and is often better for those who are sensitive to certain chemicals that may be used in the manufacturing process of other types of mattresses. Posh + Lavish makes exclusively latex mattresses and is one of the top choices by our customers. The Posh & Lavish Reawaken Split Head is a customer favorite for its flexibility when paired with an adjustable base.

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Our team of sleep Specialists in Gresham is highly experienced and will steer you toward the perfect mattress for your needs. So, if you’re looking to buy a mattress in Gresham, Mattress World Northwest has your needs covered! Stop by our Gresham showroom and compare more mattresses side by side than any other mattress store in the Northwest.

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