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ReST Bed™

A Mattress As Unique As You

Award winning and used by athletes, the ReST Bed is the smartest 'smart bed'. Endorsed by medical professionals and athletes like Adrian “Red” Autry, Andy Potts, Keon Broxton, Charlotte Austin and many more, they incorporate the ReST Bed into their training and recovery programs daily.

Automatically Senses & Adjusts to Your Body

Manual Mode

Targeted and fully customized to your comfort. You can change the support for five zones of your body including head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. The support memory locks the setting until you choose to change it.

Auto Position Mode

No remote controls needed during the night – position-based comfort, fully customized, without waking up. The ReST Bed provides customized memory settings for back and side support. As you shift and move during sleep, the bed automatically detects your current position and will adjust to that pre-set support.

Automatic Mode

The bed will do all the work automatically for you – as if by magic! Giving you the ultimate tool –Select your preferred level of support and fall asleep.

How It Works

The ReST Bed™

A sleek design and components that are interchangeable make this the bed of a lifetime.

1. Sleep Skin

Performance cooling fabric tops the mattress, in a fully removable and machine-washable cover to ensure a temperature regulated sleep.

2. Smart Sensor

Anti-microbial knit blend fabric scientifically designed ~ a 1000 data point grid per side of the bed. This flexible and undetectable sensor sends your unique pressure data to the pump and connected app.

3. True Comfort Innovation:

The only comfort innovation that is cool all night, firm where you need it, and instantly soft where you want it.

4. Air Chambers

Includes five individual medical-grade polyurethane air chambers. This material is highly resilient and seams that are RF welded prevent any slow air leaks.

5. Rest Bed App

The cloud-based app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple App stores for use with your iOS or Android personal device.

The Rest Bed

What makes The ReST Bed™ the best bed for back and neck pain?

Total Customization

The first and only mattress that lets you fully customize support wherever you need it most.

Real Time Adjustments

When you move, our patented sensor technology makes it so The ReST Bed™ can respond instantly to your needs.

Relieves Individual Body Aches & Pains

The ReST Bed™ is compatible with any adjustable base, beneficial for alleviating back pain and provide support where needed.


No compromise with five different comfort zones. Total customization with three modes of operation. Automatically adjusts to meet your needs. 10 year full warranty on all parts and components.

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